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Tesla Poker 218 W Mod Review with Tallica Mini Vape Tank | Freeman Vape juice

Tesla Poker 218 W Mod Review with Tallica Mini Vape Tank

The Tesla Poker mod review will include a look at the Tallica Mini vape tank as well. But first the mod! The Tesla Poker is a new 218 watt dual 18650 mod with a full temperature control vaping suite. In other words, it is like most box mods. However, being a Tesla, we were interested because of the proven quality of the brand. But hold on, we do have some breaking news.

There is something new here of special interest. What distinguishes the Tesla Poker mod from the crowd is the durability. In the mold of the Geekvape Aegis Legend and Aegis Mini, The Poker is designed to be waterproof, dust proof, and shock proof. By shock proof I am referring to the ability to withstand a drop of a meter or so. In other words, it can take a pounding and keep on vaping. Consequently, I wanted to do a Tesla Poker review for people who work in physical jobs or outdoors because this mod could be for you.

I work construction off and on. I drive Uber also. And I know there are a lot of vapers like me who hustle and do a lot of different gigs. For me, I love my Aegis Mini but I was definitely interested in a 200 watt plus device that could keep up to my day. When I got a chance at a vape show to take the Tesla Poker for a trial run, I jumped at the chance.

Tesla Poker Vape Mod Review

As per usual protocols, I will start the Tesla Poker review with the basics. The Poker is a dual 18650 mod that will fire from 7 watts up to 218 watts. This device is made of zinc alloy with resin panels. By the way, the panels have beautiful designs. Better yet, the panels have textured engraving that creates an excellent, comfortable, and firm grip. As soon as I picked it up I noticed the grip was better than other box mods.

Tesla Poker vaping modes include variable wattage, temp control in TCR, Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. In addition, there are multiple memory options to save preferred settings. Also, there is the option of choosing a normal, soft, or hard pre-heat.

The design is simple. It is essentially a classic box mod design. However, I do really love the large perfectly located fire button. All the buttons are clicky and you can tell that the Poker is very well made. Plus I also like the mode button which allows the user to instant access to the menu system.

Tesla Poker Specs

tesla poker review a new 218 watt mod

  • Powered by two 18650 vape batteries
  • 40 amp batteries work best
  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Resin side panels
  • 88 mm tall or 3.56 inches
  • 54 mm wide or 2.1 inches
  • 25 mm thick or 0.98 inches
  • The Tesla Poker mod weighs in at 200 grams
  • Variable wattage mode (KA)
  • Atomizer resistance range in variable wattage is 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohms
  • Fires from 7 watts up to 218 watts (0.5 increments)
  • Temperature control vaping mode in Ni, Ti, and SS
  • Atomizer resistance range for TC mode is 0.05 ohms to 1.0 ohms
  • 200 F to 600 F or 100 C to 300 C
  • Also has TCR mode
  • Three memory settings - M1, M2, and M3
  • Taste Mode: Normal, Hard, or Soft
  • Poker mod maximum output voltage is 7.5 V
  • Max output current is 50 amps
  • USB port for firmware upgrades and 1.5 amp charging

There you go! For my Tesla Poker review I wanted to include all of these features in an easy to read form. For those of you wondering about the 'Taste Mode', that is basically a pre-heat function. In normal mode, the device will simply fire at the selected wattage. In soft mode, the initial wattage output will be less than the wattage selected for a softer hit. In hard mode, the initial wattage will be higher for a stronger hit.

Tesla Tallica Mini Vape Tank Review


Don't let the word "mini" fool you. The fact of the matter is that the Tesla Tallica Mini tank has a 25 mm diameter and a 6 ml vape juice capacity. It is not a small tank! This particular tank does offer mesh coils. In the short time I had to vape it for the Tesla Tallica Mini review, I was very impressed by the flavor. The vapor is excellent, too.

There is not much more that I can say about the Tallica. I will give you the specs and everything. In the two hours that I used it, I loved it. I liked it enough to say that I would buy the full kit. But if you already have a tank you love, then just get the mod. Hopefully, the Tallica XX Mesh coils will be widely available.

The Tallica has a 6 ml vape juice capacity with the bubble tank, but it also comes with a straight glass tank that has a 4 ml vape juice capacity. The XX Mesh coils are rated at 0.18 ohms with a 60 to 110 recommended wattage range.

Tesla Tallica Mini Specs

  • 25 mm diameter
  • 6 ml vape juice capacity with bubble tank
  • 4 ml vape juice capacity with straight tank
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Pyrex glass tanks
  • Uses TS-XX Mesh vape coils
  • Plug and pull threadless coil system
  • 810 drip tip
  • 510 connection
  • Top fill design

Vaping The Tesla Poker Kit

I spent a few hours vaping the Poker mod and Tallica tank. I wish I could have kept it! But it was a demo model and the guys at the Tesla table took it back. Oh well! Anyway, I vaped it with Freeman Vape Juice, of course! Freeman is the best vape juice for squonking, temp control and sub ohm. And I have tried a lot of mesh coils with Freeman Juice. The vapor and flavor performance of the Poker kit are fantastic.

The main reason that I was adamant about putting up this Tesla Poker review is the fact that this mod is another option for people who work at physically demanding jobs. The textured grip is surprisingly secure. I like to see that companies are making mods for people like me.

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