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Top Rated Vape Juice Brands

Let’s test my gift for understatement. There are a lot of vape juice brands. Talk about obvious! There are hundreds of companies making e-liquids! Hundreds. But there is something going on behind the scenes that you should know about. Many of the e-liquid companies share the same recipes and are made in the same labs. Let me explain.

There are major e-liquid manufacturers that make the products for a range of different vape juice brands. For example, X labs offers a grape e-liquid. Y, A, and B vape juice companies all see their own grape e-juice, but all of them are actually X labs recipe. Each company just puts on the label of their own brand. This is a very common practice.

Of course there are also a large number of vape juice brands that have their own labs, e-juice ingredients, and their own, unique flavors. You can’t always tell which is which but I can help you with at least one.

Freeman Vape Juice is made at an independent lab facility with OUR OWN carefully and meticulously crafted vape juice recipes. We do not let anyone else create our vape juice! Our company was founded by vapers and we work with chemistry PhDs, who also happen to be vapers! Our brand is about independence, being uncompromising, and most of all, vaper friendly.

The Best Vape Juice Brands

We do want to encourage other vape juice brands like ourselves. That is why we offer select vape juice brands for sale on our site. I know what you are asking. You are asking why we would help our competitors? The reason is simple. Wer want to promote authentic vaping brands and companies. We feel like some of us in this industry are doing things right.

Listen, the big money companies with all of their clout and cash will continue to get most of the attention. That’s the nature of the beast. But we want to remain authentic and help other authentic vape juice brands. Our criteria will not be compromised. We will only carry e-liquids that are made in a professional lab operated by trained personnel. That’s a must. Quality is always paramount. So if you are making juice on the backroom of a shop, we can’t post your juice here. We admire your spirit, but in all honesty vape juice is something that will be inhaled and that requires stringent standards be applied.

Another thing that we look for in the best vape juice brands is where they get their ingredients. Some companies buy cheap nicotine, flavors, and VG from China. Then, they turn around and claim they are USA made and sell for dirt cheap. That’s a no go. The vape juice brands we post here will all use only the best quality ingredients from US suppliers. This goes to standards. Again, vapers inhale vapor and only pure grade USA made ingredients qualify.

Examples of the best vape juice brands include:

Our vetting is ongoing and subject to change.

The History Of E-Juice Companies

When vaping first began, the only types of e-cigarette available were disposable cigalikes. There was 1 ml of e-juice in an absorbent material. And it all came from China. Soon, replaceable cartridges replaced disposables e-cigs. The problem was that a very small cigalike was not making enough vapor! That’s when mods were born.

The first mods were little more than a battery and an atomizer. Because a mod could deliver a lot more power, that meant that more vapor could be made. But what about the juice? Well, modders started making their own vape juice.

The first vape juice recipes were very simple. Basically they were making juice in basements and garages. People started using more VG, or vegetable glycerin, and making more vapor. Soon, it became a business.

Some of the early US vaping companies took vape juice manufacturing out of the garages and brought it into a professional lab setting. That was the beginning of the sophisticated craft of making e-liquid. In the last four years, that craft has reached new levels. But along with success, came the big money, venture capital, and mass manufacturers. The game became all about mass production and money.

A Better Way To Serve Vapers

We don’t want to sound like snobs. Of course companies need to make a profit in order to exist. We are no different. But what does make Freeman Vape Juice different is our core mission. Listen, once you have investors they do not care about the craft, they care about the sales and the margins. So do we! But we care more about the vaping. We care about the process. We believe that if we put those core values first, the business will take care of itself. And we will sleep like babies amid voluminous clouds of magnificent vapor!

And while we are the best, of course, we are not alone in our values and mission. As we have traveled to vape shows, talked to industry colleagues, we know that there are other vape juice brands also doing things the right way. Vape juice brands need to focus always on quality and the vaping. Most of all, customer service is key.

At Freeman, we know many of our customers by name. 9 to 5? What's that? We work all over the clock to meet our customers needs. You do not get that type of one on one service from the big money guys. For our money, the top rated vape juice brands have to put customers first.

list of the top rated vape juice brands

Why Is Freeman The Best Vape Juice Brand?

So why is Freeman the best vape juice brand? First, let's talk about what is vape juice. Vape juice is more than the sum of the ingredients. Sure, you have VG, nicotine, and flavoring. But crafting those flavors is key. And that is a process that cannot, cannot be rushed. Also, if you want unique flavors, you need your own state of the art lab staffed by professionals. We have vapers who happen to be chemistry PhDs!

Freeman is a USA made vape juice with USA made ingredients. A lot of companies claim to be made in the USA but get their ingredients from cheap suppliers overseas. There is a big difference. Freeman offers cheap, high quality juice made in a state of the art lab using only the best American ingredients.

We are vapers. Like you. We are in this for a better vape, and a batter value. We commend the other vape juice brands that share our values. Of course, you should by our juice and not theirs! Oh come on, you know we have to say that;) 

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