WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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V2 Cigs Is Permanently Closed As Of November 1, 2018

November 04, 2018

juul bought and closed v2 cigs so now where can you by e-liuqid for v2 e-cigarettes

V2 Cigs is no longer in business. The company was permanently closed as of November 2, 2018. V2 was owned by Florida based VMR. Earlier in 2018, Chinese corporate giant Huaboa purchased 51% of VMR and V2 Cigs for $23 million. Then in October, JUUL Vapor bought out both VMR and Huaboa to take full controlling ownership of V2 Cigs.

JUUL has completely shuttered V2 Cigs as of November 2, 2018.  Any order placed on November 1 will be refunded. The 30 day money back guarantee will end on December 1, 2018. The V2 Vape4Free program is over. The rewards program will settle with existing points holders.

The closing happened very suddenly with no warning to customers. V2 Cigs customers are basically out of luck. But, if you are a V2 customer and need some vape juice for your device, we can help. Freeman Vape Juice makes a VG ejuice as well as a 50/50 nic salt e-liquid that can work in the V2 standard e-liquid kit.

Where Can I Buy E-Liquid Compatible With V2 E-cigs

V2 customers looking for e-liquid compatible with V2 electronic cigarettes should try Freeman Vape Juice. We offer many flavors that are unique and finely crafted. Whatever your flavor preference, Freeman has you covered. Better yet, Freeman Vape Juice is made in the USA at our cutting edge lab facility. Not only made in the USA but all ingredients are sourced in the USA.

Freeman 120 ml VG vape juice is designed for sub ohm vape devices. V2 customers who require e-juice for the sub ohm devices can turn to Freeman. For example, the V2 Trinity is a sub ohm kit. If you need a new place to get vape juice, try Freeman. We are an independent American company with no big money corporate owners. We are concerned about quality and better vaping, not shareholders. Give us a try.

Try Freeman Vape Juice For V2 Sub Ohm Devices


For V2 Standard E-cig Kits

For V2 Standard e-cig kits, VG e-liquids will not work. Rather a 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid is required. For example, one of the most popular flavors was V2 Red. Instead of V2 Red, try Freeman Vape Juice Top Brass nicotine salt e-juice. Top Brass is a tobacco and peanut butter flavor. It works! Why? Because the peanut butter flavor smooths out the tobacco and enhances the natural earthiness of tobacco flavors.

We also have a straight, classic menthol tobacco vape juice flavor in nic salt. The difference is that you will notice a higher nicotine level in nicotine salts. That is because nic salts are smoother to inhale resulting in the ability to increase the amount of nicotine. So you get more punch in less vapor.

where to buy e-liquid compatible with v2 red tobacco vape juice flavor

Try Freeman Nicotine Salt Vape Juice

If you are a V2 customer wondering about what device to try next or where to get replacement batteries and cartridges, contact us. We will do out best to help.

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One of the best!

Definitely some of the best eliquid I've tried! I didn't care for the mint milkshake or the menthol but every other flavor I got was absolutely amazing! Will be purchasing from Freemans again!

Best of the batch

This is by and far my favorite flavor from Freeman. It could use a bit more strawberry flavor, but, really it is delicious. I'm a huge fan of the rice custard flavor, and the strawberry adds a nice contrast. Highly recommended.

the OLD ONE speaks

Out of all the sample packs ive tried this one is hands down the best Not only the price but you also get the best tasting and the most enjoyable juice on the market


Tasted very great and glad for the excellent shipping time. Thank you!


Im trying to leave menthol cigarettes in the past & chose to go the vaping route. Its been a learning curve. This flavor has enough menthol for me not to miss the menthol cigarettes and the fruity after taste is perfect. It was a really great deal for the amount of juice I got compared to other places I have tried & the quality far outweighs the others. I like that I know where this juice is made and flavor itself has to be one of my favorites at this point. :-)