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Vaporesso Luxe Vape Kit Review | Freeman Vape juice

Vaporesso Luxe Vape Kit Review

We decided to take a look at a touch screen mod. We have had a few questions about this very subject. The Vaporesso Luxe review will go over a new 220 watt mod with a vibrant 2 inch touchscreen. Vape mods with interactive display screens are nothing new and the technology has been around for a while. That is not to say that it can’t get better. In fact, intuitive, interactive technology is getting better all the time.

For the Vaporesso Luxe review we will go over the touch screen, but the most important question is how does it vape? Is it user friendly? And, of course, is it worth the money. Let’s face it, that is what most of us want to know. Laying out $75 or more for a mod is not insignificant for most of us. As a matter of fact, we founded Freeman Vape Juice because we wanted to offer vapers a premium USA made e-liquid for less. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the Vaporesso Luxe review. First, this is more of a preview at this point. We will update after further testing. For now, we just want you to know that this particular vape mod is coming and you might be interested. Second, we want to talk about touch screen vape mods. Are they a gimmick or do they offer real value for vapers?

Are Touch Screen Mods Just A Gimmick?

A couple of years ago, a large number of touch screen mods were hitting the market. Smok, Sigelei, and Laisimo were probably the two most prominent touch screen mod makers at the time. When I first heard of touch screen mods I thought it was just a gimmick. We know the technology is widely available. Everyone has a mobile device these days. But is there any actual use for a touch screen mod like the Vaporesso Luxe?

For vapers that have reached the age of presbyopia, or needing reading glasses, a larger touch screen is very much useful. This happens to all of us at some point. As we age, our near vision fades. That can make reading a small screen on a vape mod difficult. A touch screen offers a much larger display. You don’t have to fish out your reading glasses to change any of the settings.

Menu access with a touch screen is also easier. Instead of clicking buttons x number of times, you can let your fingers do the walking. Given all of this, touch screen mods are more than a gimmick. They are useful for a large number of vapers.

With my G-Priv, just by picking up the mod I would occasionally touch the screen and unintentionally alter my settings. That was a nuisance. It is very important to always use the screen lock. The good news here is that Vaporesso has addressed screen lock issues that have troubled past touch screen vape mods. After finishing the Vaporesso Luxe review, I am happy to report that this is one of the best touch screen mods I have tested.

vaporesso luxe review as well as a review of the skrr vape tank that comes with the vape mod

Vaporesso Luxe Review

Alright, time to get into the Vaporesso Luxe review! I know, I spent a lot of intro time on touch screen mods, but I really wanted to highlight some of my thoughts so you can decide if you think this type of mod is suitable to you. Okay, enough. There are some things about the Luxe mod kit that I am totally excited about. The Vaporesso Luxe is a 220 watt device with the full range of vaping options. The kit comes with the new SKRR vape tank which is genuinely bringing something new to the table. More on that in a bit. First, we focus on the mod.

The Vaporesso Luxe runs on the OMNI 4.0 chipset. The OMNI 4 is incredibly fast. In fact, it fires in 0.001 seconds. In other words, it fires instantly. There is no detectable lag. Now, can anyone really tell the difference between a 0.01 second fire time and a 0.001 fire time? Yes, You will notice a difference in responsiveness with the OMNI 4.0. I have experienced the OMNI 4 in the Vaporess Polar mod and it is phenomenal.

Dual 18650 Mod

The Luxe operates on two 18650 batteries. While we always recommend using an external charger for your batteries, Vaporesso claims that you can fully charge two 18650 batteries with the Luxe in 1.5 hours thanks to 2.5 amp charging. That is impressive but we still think that you should use a separate battery charger.

With rounded edges and multiple color options, the Luxe is designed for both comfort and style. For a dual 18650 mod, the Luxe is very compact. It is roughly the same size as the Innokin Proton Plex, which is regarded as the smallest 18650 device. The bottom line is that the Vaporesso Luxe is sturdy yet compact and comfortable.

Vaporesso Luxe Specs

  • Dimension: 47.8 mm wide x 29.5 mm thick  x 86 mm tall
  • Display: 2.0-inch edge to edge color touch screen
  • Tactile vibration feedback
  • Requires  2 x 18650 cells
  • Omni 4.0, upgradeable through micro USB port
  • Wattage Range: 5 W to 220 W
  • Atomizer Resistance Range: 0.03-5ohm
  • Temperature control with Ni, Ti, SS, and TCR
  • Temp control range is 200 F to 600 F
  • Bypass mode
  • Ramp up options are soft, normal, and hard
  • Custom power curve option
  • 2.5 amp 
  • Thread: 510 thread
  • Low voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Low resistance guard
  • Cut off protection

The Omni 4.0 board can be upgraded through the USB port. Go to Vaporesso's support page to check for firmware updates.

Vaporesso Luxe Review Ratings

We have done a lot of testing for the Vaporesso Luxe mod kit review. It took us some time to reach consensus because we wanted to be sure. The functions are just like we found during the Vaporesso Polar review. That is a terrific menu system, fast firing, and some awesome vaping. But, like I said, we wanted to be sure. The results are in.

Vaping Features / Menu - 9/10

We feel that the Vaporesso Mods with the Omni boards provide the easiest and best menu system. Especially for new sub ohm vapers. Furthermore, there are a ton of vaping features. While you may never use many of them, it is nice knowing they are there if you want them.

For the new sub ohm vaper, the smart mode can be especially valuable. The smart mode will read the atomizer and automatically dial in an appropriate wattage setting. That is very helpful. With that said, we do recommend that you look at the coil and start vaping at the lowest recommended setting stated on the side of the coil. From the lowest setting, gradually increase to your ideal wattage. That way the coil breaks in nicely and will last longer. But if you have any doubts, use the smart feature.

Included in the vaping options is the pre-heat functions. Those functions include the options of hard, normal, or soft. Hard starts out at an initial higher wattage, normal fires at the selected wattage, and soft starts with an initial lower wattage. I recommend normal. But if you like an initially hard hit when vaping, then hard is a good choice. Just know that using a hard ramp up can shorten coil life.

The power curve option allows the user to customize the wattage during each second of fire time. I did test this during the Vaporesso Luxe review and it works beautifully. I don't normally use this when vaping, but again this is a feature that is there for you if you want.

Vaporesso Luxe 510 Connection 9/10

The Vaporesso Luxe 510 is not press fit. Rather it is attached to the frame and that will improve the long term durability and value of the Luxe. The 510 is perfectly flush with the top of the mod which says a lot about the build quality. The 510 also has a gold plated, spring loaded positive center pin.

The 510 is centered and that is going into the books as a plus for the Vaporesso Luxe review. The 510 can take a 25 mm atomizer with no overhang. So there may be some slight overhang with larger vape tanks.

Adjustment and Fire Buttons - 8.5/10

When you are vaping a regular mod, you can feel and hear the click when you push the up and down buttons. With the Vaporesso Luxe, there is a tactile feedback feature. What that feature does is give a slight vibration each time it registers that you are pressing one of the buttons on the screen. This is an excellent feature and a vast improvement over previous touch screen style devices.

The large, elongated fire button is perfect for thumb firing. The fire button clicks nicely, like a normal mod. The fire button does not activate the vibration feedback, nor would we want it to. Overall and excellent fire button that adds to practical, and enjoyable use.

Battery Door and Compartment - 8.3/10

The battery door is a side panel style door. To remove the side panel the user must pry it open using the small opening on the bottom of the vape mod. Now, the battery door is not easy to remove! For the Vaporesso Luxe review I asked a few people to try and remove it. If the person had fingernails, they could pry it open. If not, it is much harder. I used a dime and that worked perfectly. The other side of this equation is that the battery door is very secure and holds firmly in place. The magnets are very strong!

The con here is that the batteries are difficult to take out. You pretty much have to hit it against your hand to get the batteries out. I would like to see a battery strap. Of course that other side is that the batteries are held firmly in place and securely. Six of one and half dozen of the other as my Dad used to say.

Vaporesso has added an extra safety feature inside the battery door. The company has installed a protective screen in case a battery has a tear in the wrap. But, we want to emphasize this. please do not use 18650 batteries with a torn exterior wrap. Re-wrap those batteries or get some new ones.

Luxe Touch Screen Features 8.2/10

The screen is big and bright! That is a plus. However, the touch screen function is limited to the inputs at the bottom of the screen. For example, the small Vaporesso logo at the bottom of the screen is the menu button. When you click the menu button, it will bring up all of the options on the screen. Rather than touching the option that you want, you scroll through those options using the up and down functions at the bottom of the screen. To select an option, the user presses the logo button again.

I must say that the screen display is fantastic and truly adds to the ease of accessing all of the menu options. It is a quick and simple process to customize mod functions. You can set everything from the vaping functions to screen brightness and even to how bring the button lights are.

Vaporesso Luxe Build Quality / Value 8.6/10

The Vaporesso Luxe build quality comes in at an 8.6. The reason why is because this is a sturdy, well built mod with no rattles or shakes. For the Luxe review, we have to mention that is is heavy, but that it because it is also sturdy! Despite the weight, the Luxe is very comfortable to hold and use.

Vaporesso Luxe Review Final Score - 8.6 / 10

The overall value is also an 8.6 because you get the full kit for $75 to $85. This is an excellent mod that vapes wonderfully. The kit also comes the SKRR tank. We will tell you all about that next.

Vaporesso SKRR Vape Tank Review

vaporesso skrr vape tank review

The Vaporesso Luxe mod is an affordable, capable, and very responsive vape mod offered at an excellent value. But I have to admit that I am even more intrigued by the tank. So I will have a quick Vaporesso SKRR vape tank review. The reason I am so interested in this tank is because the SKRR has a new type of airflow system.

It is called the QF air distribution system. The QF comes from the QF coils, which are mesh coils by the way. Of course, we do love us some mesh coil vaping. The difference in the airflow is that the airflow changes direction twice as you are vaping. The air comes in through the base where the adjustable airflow slots are located. Then the air is drawn up through the center of the coil where it is redirected horizontally directly into the mesh coil. A cap on the top of the coil redirects the air while at the same time blocking spitback.

This tank has a huge 8 ml vape juice capacity.The three way airflow is silky smooth and the mesh coils bring the flavor. Just a terrific tank with an innovative new take on airflow.

Vaporesso SKRR Vape Tank Specs

 The Vaporesso SKRR tank is 25 mm at the base and the bubble tank has a 30 mm diameter. The QF coils use both organic cotton and flax fiber. The reservoir of vape juice is contained which prevents leaks. On to the SKRR review specs:

  • Twist Open / Locking Top Fill Design
    • Large Fill Port
    • Fill Port Is Locked with Drip Tip
    • The locking port adds an extra step to refill
    • Locking Top Port designed to be child-proof
    • 8 ml vape juice capacity
  • QF Coil Family
    • QF Mesh Coils (Our favorite!)
      • 0.2 ohms
      • 55 W to 85 W
      • 65 W to 75 W Is The Recommended Range
      • Flax Fiber and Cotton For Flavor
    • QF Strip Coil
      • 0.15 ohm
      • 50 W to 80 W
      • 65 W to 75 W Recommnded Range
      • Flax Fiber and Cotton
    • GT CCELL
      • 0.5 ohm
      • 20 W to 35 W
      • 30 W to 35 W Recommended Range
  • Triple Adjustable Bottom Airflow
    • 10 mm by 3 mm Airflow Slots
    • Fully Adjustable
  • 18 mm Proprietary Tapered Bore Drip Tip
    • Threaded for Child Lock


Vaporesso Luxe SKRR Vape Tank Review Summary

 The Vaporesso Luxe mod came in at a final rating of 8.6 of ten. The device is very well built and comfortable. We loved the menu system and all of the features. The vaping is excellent as the Omni 4.0 is a very responsive and reliable chip.

Moving on the the SKRR tank, we have to say that we were surprised. The SKRR is one of the best tanks for flavor and the mesh coils are top quality. The best value is to get the complete kit and given the quality of the SKRR, it is well worth it.

That is it for the Luxe review! Because we did love this device, we will be carrying this device for sale. Being honest, we are an independent company, there is no big money corporation behind us. As a result, we can't offer the cheapest prices on devices. But we will do the best we can. On the flip, we do offer the best cheap vape juice you are going to find! Make sure to check out our newest flavors while you are here.


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