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Pick the right nicotine strength before the PMTA hits

Pick the right nicotine strength before the PMTA hits


Learn all about it and be sure to stock up with the right nicotine strengths, but think long future also. Since this is the final day, you will be able to purchase pre-mixed nicotine e-liquids.

As you make the switch from smoking tobacco to vaping, you’ll begin to wonder what nicotine strength is right for you in your vape juices. This is crucial because you need a nicotine level that balances with what you get from traditional smoking. Well, you never know the nicotine levels in cigarettes, but with vaping, you gain to know, and this helps your smoking-cessation process.

So if you want to know the right strength of vape juice and how much nicotine to vape, this piece will show you all you need to know and explore the options of nicotine strengths to help you make the right decision.

What is Nicotine?

 Nicotine is an alkaloid derived from a tobacco plant called Nicotiana tabacum. It is also found in small amounts in plants like potatoes and tomatoes; however, it can be synthesized.

This chemical compound works both as a stimulant and a relaxant, and it has been reported to help people with mood elevation, calmness, and alertness. But it is viewed to be addictive, the more reason why former smokers who are new to vaping need to use varying levels of nicotine in their e-juice.

There are e-juices sold commercially without nicotine, but it is often sold with a varying range of strengths. So as a beginner, it is essential to pick the right nicotine strength.

Taking too much might lead to coughing, weakness, and you may wonder what the fuss is about. And it can be heart-breaking spending too much cash on a massive bottle of premium juice only to find out that you aren’t satisfied with its nicotine strength.

How much e-liquid equals smoking a cigarette?

This is a common question that a lot of people ask, but it is dependent on various factors, including:

  • The strength of the cigarette you used to smoke
  • Your smoking style
  • How many cigarettes you smoke per day
  • Your body mass and lung capacity

It would help if you weighed up these factors against what concentration of nicotine is contained in your e-liquid and your style of vaping.

So for example, if your average cigarette has 14 mg of nicotine, your body only absorbs a small amount of this, releasing the rest back out when you exhale the smoke.

However, when you vape, you don’t get nicotine delivered into your system as quickly as smoking does. But note that what is normal for one person might be too much for another person- just like how coffee and alcohol works.

This would lead us to the central part of this write-up – how to decide the best nicotine strength.

Which nicotine strength is right for a beginner?

We have different nicotine strengths, which will be discussed below. But you need to know that the right strength for you is dependent on your smoking habit. So firstly, you need to ask yourself, “How many cigarettes do I have per day?” “Were they light variety or not?”

So once you get the right answers, you can start with a more potent liquid to help you make the switch from smoking to vaping. And once you’ve found the best strength, you can gradually reduce it over time.

If you go for a slightly lower strength, on the other hand, you can vape until you’re satisfied rather than starting too strong.

That said, here are the different nicotine strength options available commercially:

  • 0mg nicotine: This is ideal for social smokers who only take cigarettes when they want to have the feel of smoking when they’re out. This nicotine-free option is also suitable for hobbyists who wish to blow vapor rings in the comfort of their homes.
  • 3mg nicotine: This level is the lowest you can get in a liquid for nicotine strength, but you can always mix it with some 0mg to dilute it. This option is best for people quitting smoking, who now take almost none. Also, light smokers who take only a few cigarettes per day can make do with this nicotine strength.
  • 6mg nicotine: This level is similar to what you’d expect from some brands of Ultra-Low/ Ultra-Light cigarette. It is made for people who are getting through around ten sticks of cigarettes a day. However, the 3mg might be best depending on the strength of what you’re used to.
  • 12mg nicotine: This is best suited for average smokers who have up to a pack a day. It helps to keep to kill your cravings for cigarettes.
  • 18mg-24mg nicotine: This nicotine strength is made for heavy cigarette smokers who have more than a pack a day. But not all vape devices are made the same. So what you’ll need is dependent on the strength of the juice appropriate for you.

Finding your perfect nicotine strength level

The different levels of nicotine produce different effects when it comes to satisfaction. So there are a lot of factors you need to consider when deciding the best option:

  • Usage: If you’re the type that vape only sparingly, then you may want to consider a higher nicotine level. But if you vape in longer sessions throughout the day, the high e-cig nicotine levels may be too much for you and could cause nausea and dizziness.
  • Taste and Throat Hit: You could get throat hit and harsher taste from higher vape juice nicotine levels. That’s why some vapers prefer to have lower vaping nicotine levels that give a smoother run for better flavor satisfaction.
  • Smoking equivalency: If you’re switching from smoking to vaping, it is essential to find a nicotine level that gives you an equal amount of pleasure as what you felt when you smoked. So if you were once a heavy smoker, then you may do well with a higher nicotine level, but this is not always the case, as some heavy smokers still get satisfied with lighter nicotine levels.

Sub-ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm devices allow users to vape juice with a lower nicotine percentage. This means that you can reach your “nicotine sweet spot” with a lower nicotine level. And it doesn’t matter if you used to be a heavy smoker in the past.

Many sub-ohm vapers would advise 3mg/ml e-liquid nicotine levels and sometimes 6mg e juice, especially for beginners who are just starting with the sub-ohm device. Hence, taking higher nicotine levels like 24mg/ml and 36mg/ml is not advisable with these devices.

Testing and seeing what suits you

You may find it hard to know what nicotine strength is right for you as a beginner who is switching from smoking to vaping. However, it is best to test and see what suits you, and the recommended way is to start with a 3mg nicotine strength. 

But just because you started, small doesn’t mean you should stop there. You can try higher nicotine strength and see what you enjoy best. You can start with the 3mg/ml, wait for a month or two, and then increase to a 6mg/ml nicotine level.

However, please don’t make the mistake of rushing the process, but instead do it comfortably, increasing your nicotine strength over time until you reach your objective.


You may fear not getting the same level of satisfaction with vaping, especially when you’re switching from smoking traditional cigarettes. But the good news is that the e-juices used in vaping devices come in different nicotine strengths. So you can try different options based on your usage, taste, and throat hit. As a beginner, it is advisable you start with the smaller nicotine strength (3mg/ml) and slowly increase the level over time. However, always remember that the more satisfaction you realize, the more likely you are to stick with vaping in the long-run.


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