WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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 For those looking for a bold dessert vape flavor, look no further than Freeman Imagine. Imagine is a tart and lemon vape juice flavor. Yah, like a lemon tart! A pastry crunchy crust and a sweet, smooth, and tart lemon filling. Just like the lemon tarts from your favorite bakery or coffee shop. A quick, succinct hit of lemon magnificently mellowed by the flaky, melt in your mouth crust. 

All ingredients sourced in America. We are authentically American. Authentically Freeman.

Natural & Art Flavoring, USP Propylene Glycol,USP Vegetable Glycerine, Nicotine

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Category: dessert, Fruit

Type: Vape juice

Customer Reviews

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Very tasty!

Love this!


Just thinking about how to describe my experience with this e-liquid makes my mouth water. Imagine is fresh and perfectly balanced. The lemon flavor I got from it is unparalleled to anything else I have tried. Thank you freeman vape for knocking it out of the park with this one.

My favorite!!

This is my all day vape

Very nice!

I enjoyed this flavor quite a bit. The lemon is tasty and doesn't have the artificial "Pledge" flavor that some lemon juices do. It has a nice amount of sweetness without being overwhelming. I didn't get as much crust as I was expecting but it didn't bother me. I vaped a lot of this in a short period of time. Very well done!

Vaped with Hadaly RDA @ 45w and Mesh Pro tank @ 90w

Lemon tarts for sure!

I'm very picky when it comes to lemon pastry flavors as it is one of my favorite flavor profiles. I find this to be extremely true to its description. A great ADV or a flavor to have on standby if you get cravings for lemon tarts. I find the pastry/lemon balance to be spot-on.

Another great juice

I'm never disappointed with any Freeman juices. Imagine is one of my favorites!

Lemon goodness

I like this juice it's not to sweet
It's a very good vape for me.
That's why I keep buying it.

Very good

This is a great juice but some what lacking in the lunch it needs. I feel a little bit more of a cake flavoring could make this juice all the better. Very light on the flavor and its a nice break from the normal juices I run through like Minted and Cococaine.

You cannot afford not to read this!

I realize that most of you don't want to read long winded reviews of products so, in that vein, I'll try to keep this as short as possible.
Like many of you, I want to taste all of the delectable flavours that companies are tempting me with. My weakness is anything lemon flavoured. If yours isn't then you should try this flavour anyway. It's NOT at all what I would refer to as a lemon flavoured vape but it does have a pleasant lemon ....oh, I don't know...almost like the green fairy of the absinthe myth. This little yellow fairy dances and flits around the air and teases you with hints of lemon that are so evocative of pleasures you've recalled but cannot seem to bring to your memory.
I've tried EVERY lemon flavoured ejuice that I can get my hands on (if you've got one that I haven't then, by all means, send it my way and I'll tell you precisely what I think about it) and this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. As a matter of fact, Imagine doesn't even stand in the same crowd because, as of today, it's now the ONLY ejuice that I'm using. No, that's not the only "lemon ejuice". That's the ONLY ejuice. I've finally learned my lesson.
I've thrown out the last expensive pre-made core for the last time. Now, mind you, I own my own coil company but I have one mod that I still use a Freemax Fireluke on and I buy triple cores for it. I was sucked in by trying a great juice in my mech so I bought the lemon version of it and ran two tanks through my Fireluke when it became so repugnant that I couldn't bare to vape it any longer.
Freeman juice and one other company is the ONLY juice that I've been able to run numerous 120's of juice through this Freemax Fireluke and never have to worry about destroying my cores.
Imagine is nothing short of divine!
It's a warm, enveloping, cozy...... a T R U E all day vape < that's SO overused but this stuff truly is just that.
Not overused (I mean the juice) but, it could be....it's just that good!
Do yourself a solid today.

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Vanilla Ice Cream

Bold vanilla flavor, like a spoonful of vanilla ice cream every hit. Great purchase, glad I found you guys.

My quest finally ended!

Thank you Freeman, I've been looking for this taste of vanilla bean for ages!

My go to ADV

Love this flavor. It's a dessert flavor with just enough of a tobacco flavor that is not too overpowering but you can still taste it. I've gotten a lot of similar flavors that are either too much dessert flavor and no tobacco, or vice versa.

Great flavor

Great adv, will buy again, fast shipping too

Hands down, best tobacco ever!

I all day vape this stuff. It is so good. It is full of flavor without being too sweet and has a hint of tobacco, but heavy butterscotch. I LOVE IT!