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Homecoming strawberry and rice pudding has quickly become a favorite. Freeman Homecoming is a strawberry sweet vape combined with the rich, creamy smoothness of rice pudding. 

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I'm not into candy flavors or am that into trying new flavors as I've wasted a lot of money on dissapointing flavors. I ordered 3 flavors from Freeman for the first time and Homecoming was one I threw in my cart just cause of the awesome discount codes offered so frequently and thought I wouldn't like it and was planning on probably giving most to my gf. The fist tank I filled with Homecoming I immediately changed my mind on all that. The juice I had just took a chance on and figured I wasn't going to really care for was my favorite of the three. Only gave away 30ml of it and still vaped the entire 120ml bottle in 4-5 days. Ever since have been wanting to get another bottle and am ordering 2 more of this perfect dessert vape flavor. Definitely an ADV not too sweet, not too much strawberry just money. Getting one 120ml for me and my gf cause it ended up being her favorite of the three I previously ordered as well and she usually isn't too into dessert flavors but loved this one. Kept stealing my setup when I'd fall asleep or leave it in the room. Thank you Freeman for always sending me such great discounts and offers I am not someone who is ever going to want to pay full price when there's so much competition and selection out there I'm not against taking my time to find the best deal but I get a pretty steady amount of 50% off codes from you guys and I wish other companies offered as many discounts and coupons as often as you guys do. Please don't stop making this flavor as I would be so dissapointed I might not get anything else again haha


The beats of its time great for all day vaping needs

Bought on a Whim and Other Reviews

My normal go too store for affordable outstanding juice, has now jacked the prices and shipping cost and now takes weeks to get to you; so I head good things on Freeman and went with it. Going to be a repeat shopper. The Homecoming could use a hint more Strawberry but don't let that stop you from grabbing a bottle if Strawberry is your thing. To me the Rice Pudding taste more like a cake batter, but in a good way with that hint of Strawberry. Just delicious. Don't think I had a vape juice that taste like this and I will definitely grab more. It's different, but that's what I like about it. If I had a complaint it would be that it kind of has sweetener added and is slightly sweet but that is mostly on exhale. Great juice especially for the price.

Great Juice!

Awesome juice, great flavor, reasonable prices, highly recommend 🤟😁💨💨

I wanted to like this, unfortunately it was too oxidized to vape

I ordered this with a couple other flavors, the maximum overdrive and the buccaneer. Both other flavors were really good. The maximum overdrive was my favorite by far. Delicious juice.

This one however, it arrived and was far darker than the other 2. No biggie because strawberry flavors are usually darker. After opening it though, damn! It's sooo harsh and funky. I bought during a sale where they were trying to clear back stock so I'll chock it up to old inventory.

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