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All orders are shipped same day. Tracking has a small issue with updating. You will get your package within 7 days. Thank you.

Ruths loot


Chocolate can sometimes be really hard to make but at Freeman we have it locked, chocolate chip cookies on the inhale and the sweet vanilla on the exhale.

100ml bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Justin Gilson
I always worry about Chocolate flavor vapes...but not this one

I tell you what, Cococaine has been my absolute favorite and then I tried Ruth's Loot. Welp, my new favorite is Ruth's Loot. I have tried other chocolate flavored vape liquid before and it always has that weird bitter, fake chocolate flavor that I really hate. Ruth's loot is fantastic. You can taste the chocolate chips! It's not over bearing, it really is a subtle but absolutely delicious juice. I now purchase at least one bottle of Ruth's in my normal mix of 3 or 4 juices because I know I'm going to love that one. I always try a new one, but make sure to get one I know I love just in case. I also have to say, I have a cheaper 25 dollar vape pen and sometimes the coils burn out quickly with certain juices, fruitier, or clear liquids even, but Ruth's Loot seems to last a week longer than everything else. It's just absolutely my favorite. So far everything I have purchased from Freeman has been fantastic and this one is my newest favorite and my go to liquid when I know I need something that tastes good and will make my coils last a bit longer.

Definitely DO NOT be afraid of this one because it says Chocolate Chips, we've all had that experience with a chocolate vape liquid that turned us off to any type of chocolate and I can tell you for sure, this is not one of those. My opinion it's the best one they make in the dessert flavors.

Herbert Christian Lierzer

Ruths loot

Anthony Hart
Not my cup of tea

Juice is really really dark like chocolate syrup. Wanted to try something new but should've stuck with Trail Blazer

Richard Walters
Awesome Juice!

Very sweet. Tastes like little chocolate chip cookie explosions in your mouth.
You need try this one.

Richard Walters
Awesome Combo

Awesome juice. I have this silly squonker tank that has separate juice wells so I drip Ruth's Loot in one side and Cherry Express in the other for a combination of a Cherry Chocolate Chip cookie. It's pretty damn good people!! These flavors actually represent what they claim too.

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