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1885 is the birth of the milkshake, the American icon. Freeman 1885 revives the original vanilla milkshake recipe. The authentic vanilla flavor that you only get direct from the vanilla bean. Good vanilla is sharp and pronounced.

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🥰 love it

Best Vanessa Juice ❤

I am so happy I found this company. They have the best juice, great customer service, and it's made in America 🇺🇸 What more can you ask for. I don't buy anywhere else.


1885 is the most American vape juice on the planet

Love Freemans!

Some of the absolute best juice ever made!

Smooth Vanilla, not too sweet

My favorite liquid. I've been looking for a good vanilla type of liquid. I am a huge fan of the vanilla milkshake so when I came across this flavor I read of on the reviews. Unfortunately because of this pandemic trying new liquids is impossible, and I hate blind purchasing as I've had really bad luck in the past. But I kept reading different forums looking for a good vanilla type of liquid and 1885 came up on several forums and reviews. So I gave it a shot. And since first trying it it has become my ADV. I love it so much. It isn't overly sweet, but strong enough to enjoy the flavor. I've recommended this to many people looking for a vanilla flavor liquid. Also for anyone who may be a first time purchaser and your like me and want to review the company before you up your money. This company has been nothing but good since I've started purchasing. One of the fastest deliveries I receive when online purchasing. I get my order in by Thursday or Friday morning and recieved my package by Monday without fail every time so far. I've emailed and recieved a reply fairly quickly, even recieved a reply on a thank you email. So I know this review is more so about the liquid, however major props to Freeman Vape Juice for being such a great company. My only negative is that I didn't find them sooner.

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