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Vice Cream


Vanilla bean ice cream, sandwiched between warm buttery sugar cookies, one of your new biggest vices.

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Troy Porrini
Sugar Cookies packed with Vanilla Cream 🍦

Ah Yes, just as I thought, another Amazing Flavor with Vanilla. I'm a freak when it comes to Vanilla, but, I have had my fair share of Eliquid where the Vanilla wasn't good?! Either it wasn't Pronounced enough or maybe too much where you couldn't taste the other Flavor Profiles. But, I must say, Vice Cream is the "Perfect" Blend of Vanilla Bean and Sugar Cookie, it is a Great Balance between the two Flavors. I Absolutely Recommend giving this a go if you like Ice Cream Sandwiches, but instead of the Chocolate, you have the Ice cream viced between two Delicious Sugar Cookies just like the Flavor Description reads!!

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Hugo Bossallini
Vice Cream Dream

I'll be honest, I wasn't too impressed at first with Vice Cream. However, after I continued to fill up my Kylin M each time the flavors popped, meanwhile the juice continued to steep. Vice Cream is now one of my favorite Freeman Vape Juice E-Liquids. If you like vanilla, ice cream, and a bit of sugar cookie you should give this juice a go.

Joan Murray

I just love a vanilla vape and this does not disappoint!

David Thomas II
Great Flavor

I’m typically a citrus man. But vice cream is a great alternative! Will definitely get more soon!

Iris Lamb
Freeman Vape is Amazing

Really saddened to hear that they are going out business due to obtuse government intervention. Such a great small business with excellent products forced to close because some beaurocrat intervention. Best of luck to Paul and staff in the future. We really enjoyed your products and are upset to see you have to close.

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