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Caramel Coffee


No need for waiting in long lines for an overpriced cup of brew with a fruity mermaid on the cup! Get your campfire going with this barnyard brew. Delicious Caramel on a straight forward coffee. The rich aroma and the potent flavor will surely give you the motivation you need to start your day, the FREEMAN way.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
The best

I purchased a couple of different flavors from here along with this one after I tried all the other ones including this one I went back and bought 4 more bottles this is a great flavor

william stephens

Very good

Gonna try this one

I’m not one to expand into actual flavors, but this intrigued me.Every other coffeesque juice I’ve tried was disgusting,, I’ll have to update this review at a later time. I hope other reviews on this juice don’t disappoint..but I wanted to just say I hope you guys come out with a hazelnut. Something to mimic a beloved hazelnut creamer!

Great flavor

Great liquid coffee flavor is not overpowering like most coffee juices the caramel is sweet and just right one of the very few coffee flavors I've enjoyed

Jenn B
So amazing.. this new coffee line seems like a winner

I normally just stick with ruth's loot from here.. but I needed to write a review about this flavor. It's too good not to. Great caramel flavor, some coffee. The combo works perfectly while drinking an iced caramel cold brew. Flavor is spot on and an ADV for me!