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Menthol Breakdown


So good you will have a Menthol breakdown. Mixed berries with a smooth feeling to the inhale. Perfect as an everyday vape, or as an ultimate base to mix your own flavors. 

Customer Reviews

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Hawk Hernandez
Menthol Breakdown

Very good flavor as always, with a kick of menthol! I've liked each and every flavor I've tried! My favorite and all day vape is still ICE AGE!!

David Saelua

Love menthol breakdown!

Suzanne Kammerer
Outstanding All Day Vape

I've vaped a lot of menthol and tobacco and fruit flavors since 2008.
This Menthol Breakdown from Freeman Vape is finally one I can vape all day and not get tired of. It is a cool vape without any lingering sharp flavor...just coolness.
It also doesn't clog my coils and gives the same clouds of vapor every time.

Justin Raner

Menthol Breakdown

Billy Jones
Light on the menthol

It’s an OK flavor. The biggest issue is that with “menthol” in the name, I would expect a much more powerful menthol flavor. The fruit flavor vastly overpowers the menthol, as in, you can almost detect that there’s some menthol in this flavor. Luckily, the other flavors in this blend are still good. Also, I thought the leaky bottle issue was resolved by now? Half of the bottles in my order are very leaky and when I refill my tank, I lose almost an equal amount of juice on my desk or lap.

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