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Menthol Breakdown


So good you will have a Menthol breakdown. Mixed berries with a smooth feeling to the inhale. Perfect as an everyday vape, or as an ultimate base to mix your own flavors. 

Customer Reviews

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Light on the menthol

It’s an OK flavor. The biggest issue is that with “menthol” in the name, I would expect a much more powerful menthol flavor. The fruit flavor vastly overpowers the menthol, as in, you can almost detect that there’s some menthol in this flavor. Luckily, the other flavors in this blend are still good. Also, I thought the leaky bottle issue was resolved by now? Half of the bottles in my order are very leaky and when I refill my tank, I lose almost an equal amount of juice on my desk or lap.

Boyfriends favorite

This is my boyfriend absolute favorite! It's a wonderful menthol, not over powering with mint, perfect blend of mint and icy. Is wonderful to add to other flavors to ice them, we got 10 bottles before the ban!

Fantastic juice

I honestly think this is one of the best juices Ive had and I've had alot of different ones. I thought the jewel brand was my favourite till I found this site off of reddit. I had low expectations just so I wouldn't be disappointed but honestly I was so shocked with the 6mg of nic and then the taste was great. I just wish it was more of the menthol flavour rather than the berries but that's of course my opinion. I truly love this brand! Can't wait to try more juices!


Good strong menthol flavor that doesn't over power the berry flavor.

Knocked my socks off!

The most wonderful minty menthol kick, with a medley of mixed berries; perfectly balanced and utterly satisfying. Frigid and fruity on the inhale, chilly on the exhale; with a lingering frost that takes your next breath away. As soon as I pushed a few mils through my dead rabbit v2, I put 3 more bottles in my cart for the next order. Fantastic juice!

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