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Sample pack now available 13 flavors for $15



Icebound is a true authentic menthol e-juice flavor, carefully mixed with ripe blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. To top it all off, watermelon flavor. The end result is an indulgence of cool vapor refreshment. 

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Kevin Cottrell
It's weak for a menthol

I roll low on nicotine and really wish you guy's had a stronger menthol (not the nicotine) flavor.
Love Freemans but there is honesty on this flavor. Not usually an issue in these ice/mint/menthol flavors regardless who from.

Alex m
Ice Bound Juice & the Freeman Vape Co

Just bought a bottle of IceBound ! Haven’t received it yet , so, **I’ll be back to update upon arrival ** . One thing I do want to praise the Freeman Vape Juice Co. in the now of is ...... “Communication“ !!! As an owner of a business as well , I can’t even begin to stress how vital communication is for a business and its customer relationship !! In this modern era of technology and the availability of online e-commerce tools at your disposal, it saddens me that so many companies neglect to use these . Communication Is Key , and the Freeman Vape Juice Co is doing a great job unlocking the doors to successful customer -business relationships ! Keep up the great work and I look forward to your product and a long healthy business relationship . Thanks !!

Jackson B.
Pretty good!

I mainly get watermelon with a hint of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry with the menthol on the end. Pretty good! Worth buying again.


Surprisingly really good. Love the flavor of this. I find its a little weak on the menthol but will be perfect for those who don't like alot of menthol. I will deffinently get more. I have pure menthol flavoring and add that to this, its magical

Dori Hoke
Best Menthol Juice

I love your menthol juice. Ice age, Icebound, menthol breakdown is sooooo gooood!

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