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All orders are shipped same day. Tracking has a small issue with updating. You will get your package within 7 days. Thank you.
All orders are shipped same day. Tracking has a small issue with updating. You will get your package within 7 days. Thank you.

Raspberry Dream Cheesecake


Giving you all the sweet dreams a dessert can provide, honey layered graham crackers and fluffy, delicious cheesecake topped with fresh raspberry jam and a swirl of cream. 

You've been asking for it, so here it is! 

Customer Reviews

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This taste like another raspberry juice from another company that cost three times more then freemans! Its a really creamy sweet “but not overly sweet” raspberry. Im getting more of this juice. Freemans is a great company thanks

Kenneth McClure
The BEST Raspberry flavor!!!!!

I tried many Berry flavored juices. RASPBERRY DREAM hit the spot. The combination of Raspberry, Cheesecake and Cream did it for me. I fell in Love. I like the combo of flavors and sweetness. It is the only flavor I Vape.

Kenneth McClure
Awesome Flavor

I've always liked Berry flavored juice. I can't count how many different flavors I tried. When I found RASPBERRY DREAM I fell in love with the flavor. The combination of Raspberry, Cheesecake and cream is a great combination.

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Hugo Bossallini
Cheesecake Factory in a bottle

Steeping is the name of the game. I cannot stress enough just how important it is to steep juices. I am so glad that I let this one steep an extra week. I've tried several cheesecake flavors and Freeman's is at the top of em all. Not overly sweet and cheesy. The strawberries and raspberries mingle nicely together and I get some of that Graham cracker crust with enough of the slightly sweet cream cheese to not overwhelm the profile or kill the coils. I typically use exotic custom coils so I take good care of them and clean them between different flavors and fills. There has not been a single juice from Freeman that has been a 5 or 4 star and the streak continues. Be sure to stock up because the FDA is on a rampage! Thank you Freeman, and God bless America and the vaping industry 🙏🏽

Erin Canady-Denham
Dream Cheesecake

I bought the sampler pack to try different flavors of juices and this is my favorite! I smoke it in the SMOK nord (also bought from here). I carry it everywhere with me. ***** 5 stars from me! Service is always great and my go to place for everything. Just ordered another bottle of this! Thank you.

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