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PACT law taxes included in the price. Vape mail ban postponed until September 9th! Stock up.
PACT law taxes included in the price. Vape mail ban postponed until September 9th! Stock up.

Raspberry Dream Cheesecake


Giving you all the sweet dreams a dessert can provide, honey layered graham crackers and fluffy, delicious cheesecake topped with fresh raspberry jam and a swirl of cream. 

You've been asking for it, so here it is! 

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Raspberry dream

Love it 2nd time ordering it.

Never settle, NEVER surrender! Dream! Love IS manifested!

So I have been vaping now for 9 years..Im guessing you're like me in that I am thankful (AF!)for the delivery from tobacco's grasp (a horrid death spiral).Vaping has given me a real life saving benefit and I believe it should be celebrated as one of the (now they're desperately acting to keep the stongest potentials from bn proven out and codified-fk PMTA😤)one of the greatest life changing AND saving things EVER developed...I enjoy vaping it's one of my last so-called vices although I don't see any feel any deleterious effects from vaping whatsoever. After a couple years the asthma I had which had developed into what two DIFFERENT doctors RANDOMLY diagnosed as pre-COPD in yearly physicals. Not that I mentioned or complained about anything. And after 9 years of vaping I feel like I have the lungs of a marathoner and any chance I get I have had my lung scanned and the doctors agree. Okay I'm rambling anyway the reason I put that silly title up there is that after eight and a half years of vaping .... after having so many wonderful (just never PERFECT) relationships with different concoctions of juice. Had many of the best, most exotic oils ever to fog a room😉🤭😛 I was always still searching for my number one perfect flavor. Of vape juice.. Well, all that was until I met and spend some time with that 👆 sexy B of (wild yet refined, exciting yet comforting, wildly thrilling yet fortifying) curvy like a bottle PERFECTION!! After 9 years, found my #1, the best and baddest to ever do it, my perfect mate for life, for a lifetime!
Well..ahem🙄, my perfect vape mate.?
Man that was weird 😧...I mean DREAM is her, is IT'S middle name..😬...No shite though, it's the best juice I've EVER had and it is important to smile.
👐 Wu Tang


Nice, smooth flavor.

My Favorite

This one as well as Blue Collar & Strawblights are my favorites. This one has such a nice creamy fruity flavor.


There didnt seem to be much taste for me,it tasted sweet but that's it.

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