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Chocolate can sometimes be really hard to make but at Freeman we have it locked, chocolate chip cookies on the inhale and the sweet vanilla on the exhale.

100ml bottle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Excellent chocolate chip cookie!

This flavor is great! I like adding some with the tobacco flavor-so good!

Angela Harris
Love, It's my all day vape

This has been my all day vape flavor and only flavor since September 2020 when I found it searching for something that was similar to Good Cookie which was discontinued by another company. Great flavor for chocolate chip cookie with a good throat hit for MTL vapes. Taste great mixed with Freemans new flavor Straight Coffee.

Ben Scott

Picked this up from a local shop and really fell in love with it. Chocolate flavors are hard enough to capture, but chocolate chip cookie? Well done, Freeman team. Great juice if you're a dessert fan like myself. I will say, I did not notice the vanilla on the exhale, but with how perfect the cookie flavor came across I dont feel like I'm missing out on anything. Only bought 2 bottles this go around because I'm trying out a couple other flavors, but this will always be on my purchase list.

Diane Shryock

Great taste

Kevin Messer

Everything I ever got for Freeman has been great tasting and long lasting