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Skywi On Ice


Go Skywing on Ice with SOUR strawberry and kiwi, layered with enough menthol on the exhale to make you feel refreshed without overpowering the fruity sour notes.

You will love the sourness coming from fresh strawberry mixed with ripped kiwi, making this a nice vape to keep in your rotation when you want to switch things up and enjoy skiing away from dessert flavors.

Our other top sour sensation is SOUR diggers.

Customer Reviews

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Deliciousness in a bottle!!

Just tried the Skiwi on Ice after USPS dropped it off. YUMM is all I can say! Just the right amount of fruitiness and a perfect amount of menthol!! Damn, I have to many ADV’s from Freeman! Which isn’t a bad thing. 😉

Shawn P

Skywi On Ice

James Zizzo
Tasty Vape Juice

Sweet & sour taste with slight menthol. Good flavor.

Sadly disappointed (skywi on ice)

First off let me say that this is the 4th flavor I have tried from freeman. The first 3 flavors were good to excellent. Skywi on ice was awful. I couldn't taste any strawberry or sour notes and very little menthol. What I could taste was a very strong sweet burnt kiwi. And i put a new coil in my tank so it wasn't that. It was overall a very harsh vape from start to finish. I really wanted to like this because I am a huge fan of menthol vapes. With most of the reviews being positive, I can't believe no one else thought skywi on ice was this bad. Maybe freeman doesn't post bad reviews.

Not for me...

I did not like this one at all. I like all of the other menthol flavors by freeman and most of their flavors overall, but this one had a bad aftertaste... I think it is the PG or maybe the VG. Unfortunately, I bought a handful of bottles before trying it and will likely have to toss the rest :(.

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