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Sample pack now available 13 Best selling flavors for $15
Sample pack now available 13 flavors for $15

Snake Bite (Limited collectors Edition)


This is a sour green apple with very icy menthol.  The GREEN apple really shines here. It's a limited edition. It's another masterpiece. It's a strong candidate for an ADV and it looks very cool.

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Customer Reviews

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Andre Whiteside
Good menthol

With a bit of apple and a nice cool menthol, it's a good cool down vape

Robyn Wilson
Snakebite Ltd

Great juice! Great flavor💜

Snake bite

I like snake bite alot. You can really taste the slightly sour apple and menthol. It makes an excellent adv because it never gets old. If you like menthol flavors, try this and you won't be sorry

Frank Scherr
Green Apple Menthol SUPREME!

Freeman Snake Bite may very well be the BEST Green Apple juice EVER!! Most that I've tried from other brands have a bitter chemical taste... SnakeBite is smoooth with an amazing menthol exhale - there is a definite Green Apple on the inhale that tastes just like a bite from a crisp, cold apple. There is none better, you gotta try this mouthwatering delight!!

Johnny Harrison
Amazing flavor!

Loooooooooove the juice! Instant classic. Not too sweet, perfect menthol. Great job.

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