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Straight Menthol


Our final two flavors.

This is a 50/50 straight menthol. 

Perfect for mixing or if you love the original menthol flavor you used to get. 

Goodbye, everyone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great mixer

Great mixer to add to other juices to give it a nice cooling effect

Robert York
Heroic Strength

Great and strong menthol juice, now all i need is to find a worthy red hot cinnamon flavor and ill be back to my fire and ice days.

Hawk Hernandez
Straight Menthol

AWESOME!! I really enjoy all of Freeman Flavors, but I'm STICK on ICE AGE! I ordered Straight Menthol so I can add it to any other flavors! And in this I find it to be so so awesome 👍 it works great in this effort. I've read reviews of this flavor or that flavor not having enough menthol "bite" and this is a really good way to make an adjustment to that. It mixes perfectly with any and all flavors I've mixed it with. I find that vaping without menthol gives me a dry throat, so by adding menthol, viola! Problem solved!
Keep up the great works at FREEMAN VAPE I for one appreciate you and your staff!!
Happy Vet's day, Hawk

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