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Coupon Code SIMPLE - 100 disposables for $105 |Sample pack now available 13 Best selling flavors for $15



Freeman Jungle vape juice is a harmonious cooperation of amazing vapor conducted by three essential fruit treats. A three-part symphony if you will. Featuring kiwi, strawberry, and banana.

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Great vape with awesome flavor. I highly recommend it.

Sam H

Excellent flavor.

Yummy Jungle Juice

One of the first fruity ejuice flavors I ever tried & have loved ever since, Definitely one of my few go-to ADVs. From over a year ago to my order last month, still my favorite Freeman juice!! Highly recommended...if you like a nice (not over sweetened) balanced fruit blend, you can’t go wrong with Jungle. 👌

John B
Delicious ADV

This is the perfect blend of flavors. The banana is nice but not overpowering. It's also sweet, but not too sweet, and is easy on the coils. I go between this and Red District as my ADV. Both amazing flavors in their own right.

Give it time and you will be wonderfully rewarded

This was my first order from Freeman's, and I immediately tried to vape it. UGH!!! Then I remembered reading in another review that the reviewer allowed his to steep for a while. I then did the same thing. I finally started vaping it yesterday, and I am in love!! It has a pure true flavor, exactly what the description says, that stays clean and pure tank after tank. My new favorite, until I start trying the other flavors I ordered, anyway!!

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