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Vice Cream


Vanilla bean ice cream, sandwiched between warm buttery sugar cookies, one of your new biggest vices.

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Victoria Martin

I love Vice Cream both by itself and as a mixer with other flavors. Nice smooth vanilla flavor and mixes well with Homecoming or any flavor you want to smooth out a little. Tastes just like my favorite vanilla ice cream! Tbh I haven found a flavor here that I dont like of the ones in my wheelhouse. Great job Paul Freeman and we appreciate you!

Paul D
Vice Cream & Fall Spirit

I am not one to trash any company about their product, I am sure many people work hard to make your product and I appreciate them being out there working. But I must say I have ordered from here before and had some great flavors, not this time though vaped both on a dead rabbit rda .20 ohms on arrival and both no definitive taste at all. Just tried them again today after almost a month of steeping and still nothing. Maybe it’s just me or a bad batch of juice but I always get exceptional flavor on my RDAs. I will continue to let it steep in my closet and try again later. Shipping was super fast though I have to say that.

Fash Forde
Ice Cream, Anyone?

I absolutely love this flavor, but also along with a few other flavors. Freeman's really stretches out on it's juice flavors and they have become my go-to's in all cases. Vuce Cream, [****] Blazer, ...etc. I hope you get the picture. There is plenty to love here, folks

Spyridon Karoutsos

Vice Cream

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Troy Porrini
Sugar Cookies packed with Vanilla Cream 🍦

Ah Yes, just as I thought, another Amazing Flavor with Vanilla. I'm a freak when it comes to Vanilla, but, I have had my fair share of Eliquid where the Vanilla wasn't good?! Either it wasn't Pronounced enough or maybe too much where you couldn't taste the other Flavor Profiles. But, I must say, Vice Cream is the "Perfect" Blend of Vanilla Bean and Sugar Cookie, it is a Great Balance between the two Flavors. I Absolutely Recommend giving this a go if you like Ice Cream Sandwiches, but instead of the Chocolate, you have the Ice cream viced between two Delicious Sugar Cookies just like the Flavor Description reads!!

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