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Vice Cream


Vanilla bean ice cream, sandwiched between warm buttery sugar cookies, one of your new biggest vices.

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Lisa M.

Smooth Creamy taste. I mix it with 1885 and raspberry. I just love the combo. But alone it has a soft smooth creamy taste

Must have been a bad batch!

I received my order of Buccaneer and Vice Cream. Never tried Buccaneer before...Love it! I tried Vice Cream before in the sample pack and loved it,so I thought I'd give the 100ml. bottle a shot. It smelled a little off,I tried it and very little flavor and what flavor was there wasn't right. I tried everything... Letting it steep for awhile, using different mods and tanks with various coils at different wattages,but still no better! I guess I'm just writing this to just tell Freeman Vapes to check up on the Vice Cream production and fix it. I've ordered several times from Freeman with never a problem before,I guess I just got a bad happens.

Brian M.
UPDATE: My rating went from 3 stars to 5 stars and here's why.......

Right after I submitted my previous review I opened my email and Paul did get back to me and explained why he was a little late replying to my complaint, but he is shipping a bottle to me as we speak. I have changed my rating from 3 stars back to 5 stars! The fact that Paul Freeman got back to me and is replacing the Vice Cream for me has made me feel really bad about my first review. I want to let you, Paul Freeman, know that I am so sorry for putting that first review up and bitching like a little kid stomping his feet. You are a great man and your company makes exquisite e juice flavors. I will never buy ejuice from any other vendor. I found my favorite e juice company and it will remain that way...why? Because I am addicted to every flavor I have tried and I usually oy find one
e juice, maybe 2, but never have I liked all 4 that I have tried. Thank you Paul, for bringing all us vape afficianados a top notch premium e juice line!!!

Sy B

Amazing as always. Thanks!

Kathleen Dorman

Very good juice. Perfect vanilla flavor. I really enjoyed it.

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