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Can I Take My Vape On A Plane

This is a question that we get a lot. Can I take my vape on a plane? Because I like to sound really smart, I am going to go into a big explanation and history before giving you a straight answer. We start at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, 1903.  The Wright brothers orchestrated the first ever flight of a heavier than air craft. An airplane. Ok, I'm kidding! That's enough. At Freeman, we give you straight answers.

Can I Take My Vape On A Plane?

Can I take my vape on a plane? The answer is yes you can. Here's the scoop:

  • You can take an electronic cigarette on a plane in your carry on baggage.
  • Inform TSA inspection of you vapor device as they may request to see it.
  • No electronic cigarette devices or batteries are allowed in checked baggage.
  • No vape batteries in checked baggage.
  • If traveling with extra batteries, they must be carried with you in your carry on.
  • Additionally, it is strongly advised to carry an extra batteries in a battery case.

Get The Official TSA Guidelines Here

The TSA is concerned about all types of lithium-ion batteries. That includes laptops and other devices. Vape batteries are certainly not allowed in checked bags. But you can take any extra vape batteries with you in your carry on. A battery case costs less than $2 and is an excellent and safe way to carry extra batteries.

Can I Take Vape Juice On A Plane?

can i take my vape on a plane along with my e-juice yes but these are the regulations

Can I take vape juice on a plane is another frequent question. And once again the answer is yes. You can take up to 100 ml (3.3 ounces) of vape juice with you on a plane. If traveling with vape juice sizes larger than 100 ml, those will have to go into checked baggage.

  • Passengers may take up to 100 ml of vape juice on a plane.
  • Make sure the vape juice bottle is inside a zip top, clear plastic bag.
  • If carrying vape juice bottles with more than 100 ml, those must go in checked bags.
  • Example: If carrying 120 ml vape juice bottles in checked bags, it is still a good idea to keep them in clear, zip top bags. The lower air pressure at altitude will cause vape juice to expand and can cause bottles and tanks to leak.

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Tips For Taking E-Cigs And Vape Juice On A Plane

tsa 311 rule for taking liquids like vape juice on an aircraft

We have answered the question of 'can I take my vape on a plane'. But to ensure a safe, hassle free voyage, there are a few tips that can streamline the experience. 

  • First, while you can take a vape on a plane, you cannot vape on a plane! Don't try and sneak a vape in the bathroom. It is just not worth it. Wait until you get back on terra firma and out of the plane before having a vape.
  • With that cleared up, remember that you can take an e-cig device, extra batteries, and up to 100 ml (3.3 ounces) of vape juice on a plane but only in your carry on.
  • If taking extra batteries with you, it is a good idea to keep them in a battery case.
  • Let TSA security officers know about your vape device and vape juice.
  • No vapes or batteries are allowed in checked baggage.
  • Battery chargers are allowed to be carried in checked bags. The TSA recommends that the cord be wrapped around the charger.

 Air Pressure And E-Liquids

It is important to note that the air pressure in an aircraft cabin where passengers are seated is set to the same pressure that exists at 10,000 feet of altitude. In some of the new planes like the Boeing 787, the cabin pressure is more like an altitude of 8,000 feet. Even though the plane may be at 36,000 feet, the cabin pressure is going to feel like 8,000 to 10,000. Either way, the air pressure in an airplane is less than what humans experience at ground level. With less air pressure, liquids expand.

When e-liquids expand, they tend to leak! Often, travelers land only to find there has been some vape leaking going on while they were in flight! The e-liquid can leak out and get on papers or in a pocket and it can be messy. The same goes for full vape juice bottles. There is an easy fix to this.

It is a good idea not to travel on an airplane with a full vape tank and full vape juice bottles. We recommend that a vape tank be only half full before flying and a vape juice bottle be no more than 75% full before flying. That way, there is room to contain the liquid when it expands. This recommendation includes any e-liquids that are being stowed in the checked baggage.

  • Anytime you travel with any liquid, it is important to put them in a clear plastic sip top bag whether they are going in carry on or into the cargo hold.

120 ML Vape Juice Bottles

tips for taking vapes and e-liquids on airlines

Freeman is able to offer low prices on premium e-liquid in part because we focus on offering Freeman in 120 ml vape juice bottles. Therefore, the TSA would not allow a full 120 ml Freeman Vape Juice in your carry on bags. You should be fine if the bottle is only 75% full but anything over the limit will not be going with you! Or for that matter any size of liquid over 3 ounces or 100 ml. Then what do you do?

This is a case for Chubby Gorilla! In other words, a separate unicorn vape juice bottle. Chubby Gorilla makes squeezable, PET vape juice bottles and they are not at all expensive. These bottles are great fro traveling with vape juice. With a 100 ml bottle, there will be no doubt that you are within the regulatory limits. Also, a reminder that with any bottle, leave 25% of the space unfilled to account for liquid expansion to prevent leaks at altitude.

You don't necessarily need spare unicorn bottles, but it can be a good idea for travelers.

Summary Of Traveling With Vapes

Can I take my vape on a plane? For such a simple question that I answered right away, I guess I have prattled on for a while! Should I finish the Wright Brothers story? Maybe next time! Besides, you probably already know it. Anyway, let's sum this up.

  • Vape devices and batteries can be taken on a plane but must be in carry on bags.
  • Travelers can take up to 100 ml of e-liquid in carry on.
  • Always carry liquids in clear plastic zip top baggies.
  • E-liquid containers exceeding 100 ml or 3 ounces must go in checked bags.
  • Because liquid expands and can leak, leave empty space in liquid containers to allow for expansion. This includes you vape tanks and e-juice bottles.
  • Let TSA officers know about the vape gear and juice in your carry on.

That's it! Enjoy your flight. Flying really is amazing. And while you are here, don't forget to check out Freeman Vape Juice. Our juice is premium and is made and sourced in the USA. We don't say made in the USA and use overseas ingredients. Nope. Our juice is All-American and top quality.

Many people are unsure about whether or not they can take a vape on a plane. So please share this article and help our fellow vapers know what to expect when traveling with vape gear.


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