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Geekvape Nova 200 Watt Mod Kit Review With Cerberus Tank

July 20, 2018

geekvape nova kit for sub ohm and temp control vaping

A new mod! The Geekvape Nova review is actually a preview at this point. The Nova is a 200 watt temperature control capable mod. It operates with two 18650 batteries. The design is a classic box mod style. The highlights are that this mod is very lightweight and has a super fast and stable AS chipset. We are going to go over what this device is and does. When we actually get one in our hands, we will update this review with more informed insights. For now, this is a sneak peak!

By the way, the AS chipset is also designed for maximum efficiency. Geekvape tells us that it can reach 200 watts and maintain it! Ultimately, time will tell but even if it can maintain 200 watts for half an hour of vaping that would be impressive! Very few people vape consistently at 200 watts. Instead, we just like to be able to get to 200 from time to time for cloud making or competing. Anyway, our goal for conforming for the Geekvape Nova review will be to see how long it can maintain 200 watts. Any period of time beyond 30 minutes will earn a huge score from us.

We also expect to see a full temperature control suite that is stable, and reliable. We have every confidence that the Nova will be a very good mod. Based on our past experience with the Geekvape Blade review and the Geekvape Aegis Legend, we are loving what Geekvape has been up to.

Geekvape Nova Review


I am looking forward to the Geekvape Nova vape review and the Cerberus tank that will be coming with the kit. I have to admit that I like the look of it. It is a throwback design in some ways. The Nova comes in numerous colors with a variety of resin patterns. There is a large fire button and a color display screen. The side panels appear to be rippled, which is a great idea to aid grip.

The Geekvape Nove mod will have a full assortment of vaping functions. Functions that will include temperature control, variable power, TCR, and more.

  • Build Quality and Durability

Obviously the build quality and durability score is pending. We will be looking for the durability and quality of the resin battery door. Of course we will investigate how secure the door is. The 510 connection is centered and we like that.

  • Function and Feel

One thing I will be looking for when doing the full Geekvape Nove vape mod kit review is how comfortable it is to hold. I hope it is not slippery! We shall find out.

  • Geekvape Nova Review of the AS Chipset

The AS chipset will be put through its paces. We expect good things and lightning fast response. We know the chip has a full complement of safety features including over-heat protection and switch timeout protection. It is supposed to fire in 10 milliseconds. That would be amazingly fast. We look forward to testing it out!

  • Aesthetic 8.4

I feel comfortable giving a preliminary aesthetic score for the Geekvape Nova review. This is always a subjective score. I like a lot of different styles and at first glance, the old school box mod design looks pretty basic. But I like it. The colors of the resin add pizzazz. The design is simple, and there is something appealing about that, too. As a result, I gave an 8.4. The Nova is kind of like a new take on a classic look.

geekvape nova review the kit includes the cerberus sub ohm tank with super mesh vape coils

Geekvape Cerberus Sub Ohm Tank Review

Like the Nova, our Geekvape Cerberus Sub Ohm tank review is a preview. We do not know a lot at this time. We do know that it will be a 25 mm diameter tank with a bubble tank that is 27 mm in diameter. The Cerberus will feature Super Mesh coils at 0.2 ohms. The tank will have top fill to make it easy to change vape juice and what appears to be an 810 drip tip. That’s about all I have on the Cerberus review for now. Keep checking back for more details.

We may post a link here later or we might decide to sell this mod kit. We don’t sell a lot of hardware right now because our focus is on the e-juice. If we do decide to sell more hardware we will be selling Geekvape because it is one of the best for hardware. I am not sure if we will sell the Nova, we will have to see when we do the full Geekvape Nova review. We will sell the Geekvape Aegis Legend and the Blade as we love those!

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