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Vandy Vape Kylin V2 RTA

November 09, 2018

rta review of the new vandy vape kylin 2 with single and dual coil build deck

I have three words to start off my Vandy Vape Kylin 2 RTA review. Those three words are flavor, flavor, and flavor. I am not kidding! The flavor is incredible and I totally suck at building coils. I have the coil building kits and everything but just not the touch. But the single and dual coil deck of the Kylin II is one of the easiest to build on. I guess you can tell that I really like this RTA. And since I went on about the flavor, I will start there.

Normally I start with the Vandy Vape Kylin V2 review specs and everything, and we will have those, but flavor first. Just because I want to back up what I am saying. There is a reason why the flavor is so good. A very simple yet innovative reason.

Kylin 2 RTA Flavor

vandy vape kylin 2 rta review this image shows the airflow design which makes for the best vaping flavors

The Kylin 2 RTA flavor is spectacular and there is a specific reason why. That reason is the design of the airflow. The airflow is a dual independent airflow system. Each side of the airflow port is separate from the other side. Moreover, the airflow pathway is beveled and directed toward the heart of the coil. By beveled I just mean curved and directed. That is like a directed corridor of airflow. What does that do? That's next.

Normally, the airflow simply floods into the base of the RTA or vape tank. While the airflow floods in and fills the base, it is then drawn up through the coil toward the drip tip. In the case of the Kylin 2, all of the airflow is directed to the coil. There is no air spillage into other parts of the base of the RTA. As a result, all of the airflow that collects and carries the vapor comes through the coil. It's brilliant.

Because all of the airflow comes through the coil, all of that flow is picking up vapor. That is why the flavor really pops. Amazing flavor to be honest. On top of the, the precise path of the airflow is ultra smooth. Plus there is no whistling and the end result is smooth quiet airflow delivering rich flavor.

Vandy Vape Kylin 2 RTA Review

Now we get into the regular type stuff for the Vandy Vape Kylin 2 RTA review. The Kylin II is made of stainless steel. The top fill slide design is excellent. In fact, it is one of the best top fills I have tested. The top cap slides easily and the juice port is nice and big. I like a big fill port because I hate spilling vape juice. Especially Freeman Vape juice because it is awesome and I don't want to waste a drop!

The dual independent airflow is easy to adjust, which is a plus and an expectation. As I mentioned above the airflow is designed like an air corridor that is directed right through the heart of the coil deck.

Speaking of the coil deck, it is fantastic. The deck is nice and big. Inserting the coils and tightening them down is a snap. In addition, Vandy Vape includes a coil trimming tool. The coil tool allows the precise length for your particular coil. For example, if using a single coil place the coil in the tool and trim the excess sticking out on the other side. You will instantly have the right coil length. Once installed, you can position and wick the coil.

Kylin 2 Highlights:

  • One of the best top fill designs
  • Fantastic, smooth and quiet airflow
  • Brilliant flavor
  • Large build deck
  • Wicking channel keeps coils saturated
  • Excellent stainless steel construction

Vandy Vape Kylin II RTA Specs

building coils on the vandy vape kylin 2 atomizer deck

This part of the Kylin 2 review will be about the specifications but I want to take a quick step back. It just hit me that new vapers might be reading this and not know what an RTA is. An RTA is a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. In essence, all that means it is a vape tank but you build your own coils. There are no pre-built coils, you have to make your own! The coils are sub ohm so that requires VG types of vape juice like Freeman. Many vapers love to build their own coils and many of you are amazing coil builders. I am jealous of your skill. Anyway, here's the Kylin II Rta specs:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 24 mm diameter base
  • 38 mm tall
  • Dual independent airflow
  • Dual or single coil build deck
  • Sliding top fill
  • 3 ml vape juice capacity with straight glass tank
  • 5 ml vape juice capacity with bubble glass tank
  • The diameter of the bubble glass tank is 26 mm
  • 810 drip tip
  • Comes with a 510 drip tip adapter

Kylin 2 Build Quality

The Kylin 2 is made of stainless steel and the build quality is excellent. Everything connects smoothly. The bell top cap seamlessly connects to the coil base. The other indicators of the built quality are the airflow control section and the top fill slide. The base of the Kylin 2 is one piece. Don't try and take apart the base! The reason it is one piece is the design of the airflow system.

The top fill slide is one of the best I have ever tested. In testing for the Vandy Vape Kylin II review I opened and closed the top fill slide at least 100 times. No signs of wear were detected.

Huge shout out to Vandy Vape for the airflow design. Thinking back to the Vandy Vape Revolver review, this company is trying very innovative airflow designs. And they are working.

Vaping The Kylin 2

 My favorite part of the Kylin 2 review was the vaping! Now, I use the best vape juice, which is of course Freeman Vape Juice. So I always love the vaping! But the Kylin 2 flavor is amazing. It is the airflow that is key. The flavor is excellent with either a single or dual coil build. Although I do have to say that the flavor is a tad better with dual coils on the deck. But either way, the vaping is a treat.

What Comes With The Vandy Vape Kylin 2

  • Kylin V2 RTA
  • 1 - straight glass 3 ml capacity tank
  • 1 - 5 ml capacity bubble tank
  • Extra resin drip tip
  • Spare parts and tools
  • User manual
  • Coil trim tool

Kylin 2 Review Summary

A final grade for the Kylin 2 review would be an A. I don't have a con to tell you about. And I did look for one. Once again, the Kylin 2 is made for vapers who love to make their own coils. I want to add that if any of you have been thinking about getting an RTA to try coil building, the Kylin 2 is an outstanding choice to begin that journey. The coil building deck is one of the best to build on.

The star of the show is the flavor. But the vapor is also fantastic. The best flavor and vapor performance is with two coils but even with one coil, the vaping is still awesome. The Kylin 2 sells for $32 to $38. Freeman approves and recommends the Kylin 2! We may order a few and have some for sale soon. In the meantime, you may be able to find it for sale now a few places.

One last thing, Freeman is the best vape juice for the Kylin 2! Of course, you knew we would say that. But we also believe it. Freeman is a premium quality vape juice made in the USA. Our unique flavors, premium quality, and low prices make vapers very happy. While you are here, make sure to check out the latest flavors and specials.

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Love it!!!!!

At first I wasn’t sure about this juice. I thought it wasn’t very good so I gave it to my friend. I had already filled my tank up so I went ahead and kept vaping what was in my Ecig and after a couple of days I asked my friend to give it back. To be fair, I just gave her half. Now it has become one of my favorites! So if you think you don’t like it, give it a day or two and you might change your mind! Strong vanilla flavor and very creamy. I totally recommend this flavor!!

Just so creamy

Wow! Freeman vape is stepping up their game! This is so good. If you are a dessert fan (and if not, why?) you will dig this juice. So creamy, yet flavorful, it is the perfect juice to vape in the winter when you just want a chill vape. Great juice!

And i dont even like peaches!?!

This is my new, favorite ADV. I don't like peaches on their own. But I love peach pudding (that's what we call it). But, of course it is drenched in butter and 2 sugars. So, I was nervous about trying this. De...lish...ous! It is not overly sweet. The peach is the main flavor. I taste the breading on the exhale. But, there is still enough peach left from the inhale, that you get a wonderful peach pudding experience on both the inhale and exhale. Love it!

Best yet

After trying the sample pack I found my favorite flavor and this is it. I've tried other watermelon flavors from the competition and this is the best of them all


I definitely found another all day vape right here. Ripe strawberries meets slightly tart kiwis mixed with a creamy undertone that brings it all together. I will definitely be adding this to my future orders.