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Vape Juice Without Diacetyl

Since the big popcorn lung story of a couple of years ago, many vapers are looking for a vape juice without diacetyl. In case you missed it or you weren't following vaping news at the time, I'll go over what happened back then. And tell you what's happening today. Plus, I'll also tell you about the best diacetyl free vape juice you can get.

Let's start by talking about the popcorn lung scare. The whole thing happened three years ago on the heels of a Harvard study that found diacetyl over half of the vape juice samples that they tested. Furthermore, they found that cherry flavored vape juice was especially bad for having higher amounts of diacetyl. Why do they think this is a big deal? Because diacetyl had been previously linked to a disease called popcorn lung.

To better understand why vape juice without diacetyl may be appealing to vapers, we have to begin by defining the applicable terms. That includes diacetyl, popcorn lung, and a bit about how vape juice is made. But before we continue I want to reassure you that to date there are no known cases of anyone contacting popcorn lung from vaping. That said, diacetyl free vape juice is an option.

What Is Diacetyl?

what is diacetyl and how does it get into vape juice flavors and does it cause popcorn lung disease

Diacetyl, pronounced dia-see-til, is a naturally occurring substance found in fruits, coffee, dairy, honey, and tobacco. It’s found in low concentrations in a large number of familiar plants. Diacetyl is a clear fluid compound with a buttery taste. It is used in all types of food recipes because of that buttery flavor.

  • Diacetyl is a naturally occurring substance with a buttery flavor.

In addition to being found in plants, diacetyl is also produced as a byproduct of fermentation process of making beer. Diacetyl is approved as a food additive. It has been deemed safe for human consumption. However, there is concern about happens when diacetyl is heated and inhaled. That concern exists as a result of the link between inhaling diacetyl and popcorn lung.

Popcorn Lung Or Bronchiolitis Obliterans

Popcorn lung is a name given to a serious lung disease known as popcorn lung. Bronchiolitis obliterans is a serious, incurable lung condition. Popcorn lung may sound like a cute name, but it is very serious. Those suffering from bronchiolitis obliterans have air trapped in their lungs that can't be expelled, which impairs breathing. Because inhaling diacetyl has been connected with the onset of popcorn lung, the Harvard study that found diacetyl in vape juice caused major concerns that vaping could also cause popcorn lung.

Diacetyl became connected to popcorn lung due to the case of a Colorado man who developed the condition after 10 years of consuming microwave popcorn everyday. The aromatic scent of microwave popcorn is the scent of diacetyl. It was found that the diacetyl used in microwave popcorn butter flavor caused the condition known as popcorn lungs. It was also found that workers at the factory that makes microwave popcorn had developed popcorn lung.

Naturally, a buttery flavored food additive is a fit for popcorn. The sweet, buttery smell of microwave popcorn is from diacetyl. The amount of diacetyl required to generate that strong butter smell is significant. Since the discovery that inhaling diacetyl from microwave popcorn is a risk for popcorn lung, manufacturing standards have changed. Now, popcorn factory workers are required to use protective breathing gear to limit exposure.

Diacetyl In Vape Juice

In December 2015, a Harvard University vaping study found diacetyl in 75% of the e-liquid samples that they tested. It was immediately speculated that because inhaling the diacetyl in microwave popcorn could cause lung disease, then the same would apply to vaping. That speculation is reasonable. And vapers have every right to be fully aware of the link between inhaled diacetyl and disease.

There are two things important to note here. Number one, as of this date in 2019 there has not been one single case of anyone contracting popcorn lung from vaping. And at this point vaping has been around for 12 years. Number two, there is a lot more diacetyl in cigarette smoke and there is an even the worst vape juices that have diacetyl. In fact, tobacco smoke has 100 times more diacetyl than vapor. Therefore, it would stand to reason than smoking leads to far inhaled diacetyl than smoking. That is an important contrast.

  • Three important facts.
  • No one has gotten bronchiolitis obliterans from vaping diacetyl to date.
  • And there is a lot more diacetyl in cigarette smoke in there is in any vapor product.
  • Vapers have a right to be aware of what is in their e-liquid.

With all that said, vapers looking for vape juice without diacetyl makes sense. For anyone concerned about the Harvard report and afraid of the concerns about inhaling diacetyl, buying vape juice without diacetyl makes perfect sense. And even though Harvard found diacetyl in 75% of the e-liquids they tested, it is easy for vapers to find diacetyl free e-liquids.

How Does Diacetyl Get Into Vape Juice Ingredients?

When Harvard did their testing in 2015, the number of companies that had diacetyl in vape juice ingredients was surprising to many. But it wasn't surprising to us. Here’s why. And this is vitally important.

The problem that too many e-liquid manufacturers don't really understand what they are putting into their vape juice recipes. Moreover, many vape juice manufacturers do not even have a proper lab facility to blend or manufacturer liquids. Not to mention packaging. Unfortunately, many vape liquids are made in basements or back rooms of vape shops with basic DIY equipment that does not meet any standards.


The following is a common scenario:

  • An aspiring e-liquid brand decides to go into business. The well-intentioned entrepreneurs have know degrees in chemistry or any advanced training. He or she buys a blending and bottling kit at a vape show. Next, said perspective manufacturer needs to get some vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine. eBay anyone? That's the first problem. But diacetyl is not in propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. That chemical is found in the flavoring.
  • And when you buy food flavoring from eBay or whatever source, not all of the ingredients will necessarily be listed. The FDA allows for some proprietary protection ingredient listing. So companies may be buying flavors with diacetyl without even knowing it. It takes a trained chemist to truly understand the ingredients of a vape juice recipe.


This scenario is probably how diacetyl came to be and so many of the samples tested by Harvard. Even though many of those manufacturers may lay claim to offering vape juice without diacetyl, the fact of the matter is many are just simply unaware of the true nature of the vape juice ingredients that they're using. Once again it takes a trained chemist, independent lab testing, any proper facility to make vape liquid the right way. It just does. It's not something to do as a hobby.

There are some specific flavors that regardless of manufacturer do use a small amount of diacetyl. Particularly buttery dessert flavored vapes. However, there are many vape juice flavors without diacetyl. We have them right here at Freeman.

Vape Juice Without Diacetyl

vape juice without diacetyl

Freeman Vape Juice is made in a state-of-the-art lab that is operated by chemistry PhDs. Yes, passionate vapers who happen to be doctors of chemistry. We don’t mess around here! We know the exact details of each and every ingredient but goes in to every e-liquid blend. When we say that we make vape juice without diacetyl, we can say that for a certainty because we've tested it. And we know the chemistry of the flavor. Moreover, Freeman uses only the best quality and authentic flavors.

Part of the reason why we know flavorings so well is because of our intense to drive to perfect authentic flavors for our customers. We spend months developing each flavor. Before we launch a new flavor, we focus group our vape juice recipes extensively. Only when we have a consensus of excellence will we allow a vape juice to be sold with the Freeman name on the label.

Freeman Vape juice does not have diacetyl. The one exception is cocaine which has a small amount because of the buttery cookie flavor. The rest of our vape juice recipes are diacetyl free. We have all types of flavored vape juice without diacetyl. Check out our fruit and milkshake flavors. Those are our best sellers. Trail Blazer is the best tobacco flavor vape juice this side of the universe. The point is that vapers have a lot of diacetyl free vape juice options. Freeman USA made vape juice is premium quality, made by PhDs, and the best value in vapor.

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