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Vaping In The Workplace

March 16, 2018

what are the rules for vaping at work

If the first rule of vape club was ‘never talk about vape club’, we would all get kicked out! Let’s face it, we love talking about our gear and juice. But, not everyone is going to be interested and not everyone wants to be around huge vape clouds. That brings us to the topic of vaping in the workplace. How can we combine our passion for vaping with the working world.

Imagine this. You are under a 69 Corvette replacing the oil pan. And you are vaping. Bill just gets back from lunch and sees you under there with clouds of vapor wafting into the the air. Bill grabs the fire extinguisher and nest thing you know, you are covered in fire retardent. I heard that this really happened! Could be an urban legend, but it is nonetheless plausible.

Next scenario. An employee has a couple of vapes when nobody's around. It seems fine. But then the boss sees it on the security camera and the employee is fired for a no tobacco policy. The employee tries to discuss the differences between vaping and smoking but it goes nowhere. The termination stands and the person is fired for vaping. This story did happen. And it has happened a lot.

Vaping in the workplace can cause problems. It is very important to follow all of the workplace rules. If there is ever any doubt, ask! Ultimately, it is likely best to wait until your break and then go outside where you can freely demonstrate prodigious cloud making ability!

Vaping At The Office

Most federal, state, and local policy makers do not make much distinction between vaping and smoking. Many jurisdictions have indoor vaping bans that extent to private businesses and workplaces. In fact, just recently a Missoula, Montana vape shop had to fight to be granted an exception to an indoor vaping ban in that city. The point is that chances are that if you work in an office setting, vaping is not allowed.

You could try to vape in a bathroom or exhale out of an open window but there are no loopholes. Your best bet is not to vape in the office!

There may be exceptions where it is allowed. In that case. It is incumbent upon you to find out what the employer’s policy is. If there is any doubt, ask. And even if you are allowed, keep in mind that vaping etiquette is also important. There may be someone at a nearby cubicle who does not want to smell your vape! It is important that we respect others. I feel like every vaper represents our community and we are trying to win hearts and minds here!

  • Know the laws in your area
  • Know the company code of conduct
  • Odds are you will not be able to vape in an office setting
  • Sneaking vapes in the bathroom can put your job at risk
  • If in doubt, ask the boss!

Working As A Driver

If you work as a long-haul trucker or a delivery driver, you are probably safe especially if you own your vehicle. If you are driving passengers, don’t vape while you have someone in the car. Unless you are driving a fellow vaper then as long as the company does not prohibit, why not! Just keep the window down so the vapor does not obscure your vision.

If you are working as a driver, vaping in the workplace might still be covered by a company policy or even a local or state provision. The odds are you will have some flexibility but it is very important to check with the boss. You don’t want to risk your job that’s for sure.

If you are driving a company vehicle, make sure to know the code of conduct. That's the real key.

know the rules for vaping in the workplace

Working Outdoors and Vaping

If you are working outdoors or on a construction site, it will likely be fine to enjoy a vape or two!  It would be advisable to use a hardy, tough-built mod like the Geekvape Aegis Legend. You will want to have a secure pocket and by all means keep your extra batteries in a case. Just like with every other job, you also need to make sure vaping is cool with the supervisor.

There is a constant theme here. The company policy is the main guideline. This is crude but ask the person who has the power to fire you if you can vape on the job. That way you are covered. Also keep the sensitivities of colleagues in mind.

The best time to vape at work is on breaks in an area where you know it is ok to do so.  That way you can enjoy the best USA made vape juice without worry. Which is the best? Well the answer to that question is much, much less complicated. The answer is Freeman! No doubt about it.

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