Best Menthol Vape Juice

January 31, 2018

Best Menthol Vape Juice

It should be cool but not overwhelming. It should have thick vapor with a smooth finish. The best menthol vape juice needs to hit all of the right notes. Your palate is sophisticated and won’t be bought off by some ho hum so so flavor. Well, you don’t have to settle. Not today.

Freeman IceBound vape juice is the menthol that brings the symphonic collaboration of menthol sensation combined with refreshing berries and a full-throated vapor.

A lot of menthol vape juices out there just cram their recipe full on menthol. They overwhelm you with it and say...isn’t this the best menthol vape juice? But you say no! You want more. You are not bought off by blasts of boring menthol without nuance and style It’s not just about one sensation, a good menthol is a feast for the senses. It is complex, diverse, and interesting. Freeman Icebound is more.

Let’s take a little journey into how Icebound came to be. Crafting vape juice flavors is a partnership of science and art. Here’s how Freeman makes that partnership work better than anyone else. Find out how we made the best menthol vape juice.

The Best Menthol Vape Juice

I am going to tell you a secret. In many cases, one lab will make the vape juice for up to a dozen, or more, different brands of e-liquids. For example, let’s make up a company called Bigtime Juice. Bigtime Juice will contact the supplier and say put our label on your menthol e-liquid. It will be the same menthol e-liquid as 12 other brands. If you think there is a better way to make vape juice you are right.

At Freeman, we make our own vape juice. Our ISO8 lab is the real deal and our artisans are not only passionate vapers, but are Ph.D.s in chemistry. They know what they are doing. Because we have our own lab, we never settle. We do not have to accept someone else’s e-juice recipes. We can take our time. Our team can try endless combinations of e-liquid ingredients until we nail the best menthol vape juice.

We did not create Icebound in a vacuum. We invited the pickiest, fussiest vapers in the country to test and try our e-liquids. They tested our menthol and top tobacco e-juice flavors. Sometimes they were harsh! But brutal honesty is what we wanted. It was all a part of the process to hone in on the best menthol e-liquid. Icebound Vape Juice is the end result of a long, patient, process on the road to success and excellence.

Freeman Icebound Menthol and Berry Vape Juice

best menthol vape juice flavor

Some may say that when we made the best menthol vape juice we cheated because we added delectable cool fruit flavors. Yes, we did. To give you the best vape flavors we will do whatever it takes! Freeman Icebound is the best menthol e-liquid flavor that is complimented by blackberries and watermelon.

The sweet and tart kick of a blackberry adds to the punch of the menthol. But not too much! Just the right amount. The watermelon enhances the refreshing sensation of minty menthol. On top of that, the watermelon flavor adds to the smooth, satisfying finish on the exhale. Each flavor contributes specific sensations to the vaping experience. This did not happen by accident. There are certain flavors that clash, and others that compliment. In this case, minty menthol, berries, and watermelon all combine with each other adding a signature characteristic. The final product is flavor harmony.

The best menthol e-liquid must also deliver the vapor.  Freeman uses only the best nicotine, VG, and PG sourced from the leading American labs. The 80 VG 20 PG blend is the perfect strike zone. You get more vapor than a 70/30 blend with vibrant rock and roll cool flavor. The vapor is robust and satisfying. After all, vapor matters!

Check Out Freeman Icebound Menthol Vape Juice Here

Best Menthol Flavored Vape

The best menthol flavored vape delivers the satisfying cool, harmonious accompanying flavor, and a lot of vapor. We know that. That’s settled! Why do we love menthol e-juice? The reason is that cool sensation. That tingle and the awesomeness of exhaling a billowing cloud of vapor. From the first time man bit into a peppermint leaf, cool minty and menthol flavors have been a favorite.

Vaping is all about enjoyment. We love our mods and hardware, but it is the sensation of vaping that adults love. When you can combine the joy of vapor with the classic cool mint and menthol sensation topped off with with berries and watermelon you have a winner. Winter cool tingle with refreshing, sweet berry.

But perhaps your particular love of menthol and mint ventures other places. Perhaps you want something smooth and creamy. That brings us to the next contender for best menthol vape juice. Well, perhaps more mint than menthol, but just so creamy and good. Freeman’s Minted vape juice.

Minted Vape Juice

mint vape juice that tastes like a milkshake

Freeman Minted Vape Juice is a mint milkshake flavored e-liquid. By the way, it really does taste like a mint milkshake. Creaminess and all. The vaping is so sweet and smooth it will remind you of a perfectly blended milkshake. Yes, it absolutely has the cool mint chip flavor, just like the best menthol vape juice, but it also has a rich creamy smoothness that is just so tantalizing.

The recipe for a milkshake flavored e-liquid was not easy to achieve. I think we went through three focus groups. Again, our focus groups were comprises of some very demanding folk. They would not give us a thumbs up unless we really hit the target. But we did. In fact, it is a bulls-eye.

Kind of like the milkshakes in a small town country corner store. Made with the good stuff. Freeman Minted is a mint chip milkshake flavored vape juice that will hit the spot for menthol lovers. It will also hit the spot for milkshake lovers. So, a lot of lovers will be happy! There you have it. Two of the best menthol vape juice blends in the world. One a little bit country, one a little bit rock and roll. Vape on!

Check Out Freeman Minted Here

Freeman, vape flavor artists.

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Great tasting juice.

This juice is delicious. A wonderful fruit flavor. Received my bottle of Jungle, opened it and started vaping. No steep was needed it was ready to go. The flavor is present and very good. Will be buying again and trying more flavors.

High quality juice!

Best juice I've tried in a long time, that goes for both the Jungle and Fall flavours! Great service from Paul and the team, I'll be ordering again for sure.


BEST FLAVOR EVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I received all my juice today on Monday after ordering it on the Wednesday the week before (I live in Canada). Let me tell you that the minted juice was the one I was most skeptical about, just because it had menthol. Man was I wrong, it was great from the first pull! Just the right amount of mint for me because I don't like too much. I am excited to try the rest of them but trust me, you already have a returning customer.

My daily vape

Always consistent, delicious and great quality. With the price am a repeat customer. Keep rocking it Freeman Vape!