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Top Vape Juice Based On Customer Reviews and Sales | Freeman Vape juice

Top Vape Juice Based On Customer Reviews and Sales


The top vape juice is Freeman. That was easy! I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that I am biased in my assertion. Okay, I will grant you that I am probably bias. But there is more to it than that. I am also very confident that Freeman Vape Juice is the best. Now, this is always subjective and there are other e-juice makers that are very good. Like us, the best e-liquid manufacturers use only the best ingredients in a state of the art facility staffed by actual professionals.

I know, everyone says that they use the best ingredients and make “premium” quality juice. I mean, the use of the word premium is so common it has kind of lost its meaning as far as consumers are concerned. But not as far as we are concerned. At Freeman Vape Juice, the term premium still has meaning. So do concepts like pride, made in the USA, quality, and no compromise. You cannot be a top e-liquid maker without having those essential qualities.

Everyone Claims To Use The Best Vape Ingredients. We Actually Do.

Kind of a good news bad news thing to tell you about. The fact is that a lot of our competitors do not use the best ingredients. All companies say that they use the best and make their juice in a professional lab. Unfortunately, that is not the case. For example, some makers install an ISO8 filter in a room then claim to have an ISO8 lab. That is ridiculous! You need more than an ISO8 filter. You need multiple filtration points and must account for every aspect of room circulation. Making e-juice is the job of a chemistry PhD. Not a hobbyist. Fortunately, at Freeman we have passionate vapers who also just so happen to be chemistry PhDs!

On top of all of that, if a company buys flavors online or from a cheap source, they don’t really know what is in those flavors. Flavor makers don’t need to put all of the ingredients of a label, they are allowed some proprietary leeway. Again, it takes a professional chemist to truly understand the vape juice ingredients. At Freeman Vape Juice, we really do use only the best ingredients and we know exactly what goes into making the top rated vape juice.

I think you can see why I am so confident saying that Freeman is the top vape juice. We’ve done our homework. We have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. Through trial, error, and good old fashioned hard work, we have come up with some of the best vape juice flavors on this here 3rd rock from the sun!

Making The Best Vape Juice Flavors

Here’s another little secret. I can brag all day long about our quality, lab, and process. I love talking about it. Our team in the lab are so phenomenal and I know I am blessed to be a part of such a professional team. They are the best. And all of that is very important. But here’s the truth about vape juice flavors. Making the top ranked e-liquid flavor requires hard work and help. There are no shortcuts or end runs. There is only trial, error, and the final word coming from real world vapers.

What do we mean? Trial and error is a process that can only be properly carried out in an in-house lab. You can’t farm it out. Getting the final word from real vapers involves numerous focus groups. It takes many, many months to properly make the top vape juice flavors. All of these companies pouring out new flavors every day, what are they doing! That’s just not the way we do things at Freeman. The best e-liquids take time. You can’t rush excellence.

Now, so let’s look at what the top selling juices are and see if we can find your perfect vape. Next we will tell you all of the top rated vape juices from Freeman.

Top Three Vape Juice

The top three vape juice flavors sold at Freeman is essentially a three-way tie. Look, all of our flavors are popular and these are just the top three e-liquids. In first place is 1885, Freeman’s vanilla milkshake flavored e-liquid. People go wild for 1885! Then comes Homecoming followed very closely by Cocociane. We will tell you a little about each of these e-juices and then let you know what people are saying! We will share a few of the reviews that we have received.

1885 Vanilla Milkshake E-Liquid Is The Top Vape Juice

top rated vape juice from freeman based on sales and reviews

Of course we are all about vape juice. One of the very first flavors that we created was 1885. We were thinking about making all milkshake flavors because we love milkshakes! Of course we now make all types of flavors but…..we still love milkshakes;) We took our time with 1885. We wanted a traditional, real ice cream vanilla milkshake flavor. Not a drive-thru milkshake from a machine. We did it. 1885 is one of the top rated vape juices period.

Scott Byers

1885 is the best flavor I have come across in a long time. If you are a fan of vanilla vapes, I highly recommend it. It is a smooth, flavorful, all day Vape. I have not been able to put it down since I bought my first bottle.

Get the 120ml, because you are going to go thru this wonderful juice fast! You may want to get two bottles. It's that good.


The first tank of 1885 assured me that Freeman is on a completely different level and has raised the bar for all other juice labs to rise to. It took me 7 years of vaping mediocre juices to finally find the top of the hill. Freeman is certainly something very special!

Patricia Abril

I had never tried Freeman's until a friend let me hit there vape. I was like WOW what is this. It was so delicious I could not believe how wonderfully and fantastically exciting my mouth became when this hit my mouth. It was a must have, over the many months I have been looking for that ADV and I found it in Freeman's 1885. That smooth blend of creamy vanilla makes you want to vape it all day. Thank you it is ssoo good.

Check Our Freeman 1885 Vape Juice



Homecoming A Top Three E-Liquid
homecoming strawberry e-liquid is a top three rated vape juice

The next one is Homecoming. Freeman Homecoming Vape Juice is a strawberry rice pudding flavor. This one is different. Truly unique. It smells like a custard, but that’s not what you get when you vape it! Homecoming is an authentic rice pudding flavor with hints of strawberry. You especially get the strawberry on the exhale. It is not overly sweet. It just hits the right notes. Homecoming is delicious and silky smooth.


I didn't know what to expect as this is my first experience with rice pudding. It's really really good. The creaminess and strawberry punch on exhale is amazing!

Jeremy Milliken

This has to be one of the best juices I have ever had. It is not just another strawberry flavor. The strawberry is blended perfectly with the rice pudding. This makes for a perfect adv that I have had a hard time putting down. I would recommend this 100% to anyone. Will be a returning customer for sure.

Lisa Ames

My new all day vape. I never get tired of this yummy flavor. My new Go To favorite for sure. Vaping at its finest. Mmmmmmmm Goooood!!

Get Some Homecoming E-Juice Here!

Cococaine Cookie Vape Juice

top vape juices including dessert flavors

Rounding out the top three vape juices is Cococaine. Freeman Cococaine Vape Juice is a baked, crispy cookie flavor punctuated by the tell-tale earthiness of coconut. This is also a candidate for best dessert vape is deliciously sweet but also mellow and smooth. Great as an all day vape! That's why Cococaine is a top vape juice!

Danny Cox

I have always Loved Dessert type juices and after reading some reviews on it, I decided to try it out. I'm here to tell All Vapers if you think you love a Coconut Marroon Cookie (Spelling), this is a Fantastic Flavor, I can't stop vaping it, it's so good that as soon as I vaped it I had to reorder another bottle !! Man, if you don't try this one out, I feel sorry for you that you have missed out on One of the best e-liquids from Freeman Vape juice has out !!


I was skeptical. I have tried most of the affordable vape juices out there and most of them are low quality with peppery nicotine and harsh throat burn. Not this! The delicious cookies flavor with a hint of coconut is so good and Freeman got this perfect! I'll definitely be coming back for more. Do yourself a favor and try this juice and enjoy!

Cococaine Cookie Coconut E-Juice

Other Top Rated E-liquids

After our look at the top three e-liquids, our journey into the top rated e-liquids continues! The next most popular vape flavors are Jungle, Trail Blazer and Icebound. Jungle is a spot on fruit flavor. Icebound is considered by many to be the best menthol vape juice. By the way, all of these flavors are very popular with our vape shop partners, too!

The honorable mentions include TrailBlazer, the best tobacco vape juice! TrailBlazer is a new take on tobacco. Along with tobacco flavor, we spice things up with some butterscotch, then mellow out the whole flavor experience with some smooth and nutty peanut butter. At any rate, let's look at these three flavors!

Jungle Fruit Flavor Vape Juice

Freeman Jungle Vape juice is a fruit flavor blend that combines bananas, kiwi, and strawberry. All three of these flavors work together to deliver a very unique vape. The banana is a mildly sweet and very smooth inhale. The strawberry and kiwi bring a little tingle on the exhale. It is a fabulous fruit vape! Certainly a top vape juice. Here's a couple of verified reviews.


This juice is absolutely delicious you can taste each fruit. To me it’s like having a smoothie!


This juice is delicious. A wonderful fruit flavor. Received my bottle of Jungle, opened it and started vaping. No steep was needed it was ready to go. The flavor is present and very good. Will be buying again and trying more flavors.


You know I have vaped for around 5 years now and mostly got into Dessert flavors for the most part, but having done some business with Freeman, I became curious in just how good their other flavors were since I haven't had a one that I have been disappointed with. So here comes "Jungle", one of my First Fruit flavors and I'm here to tell you that it is just as advertised, an excellent blend of strawberry, kiwi and banana. I highly recommend this flavor for those that love a well balanced fruit e-liquid. I get all of the notes, banana is, I think the main star, but this one changes up as you vape on it and the other flavors play off one another. Just a fantastic fruit mixture. I'm picky and I would reorder when I need to, it's that good and one more thing, when I have ordered from other sources and get ready to check out, here comes the Damn freight, and Bless you Guys and Gals for NOT charging your customers with freight, makes the whole transaction a more Happy one !!

TrailBlazer Top Tobacco Vape Juice

Looking for the top vape juice for tobacco flavor? Well here it is. Freeman TrailBlazer is an authentic tobacco flavor with peanut butter and butterscotch. The butterscotch is not overly sweet, just a touch to balance the tobacco flavor. The peanut butter flavor adds to the earthiness of the tobacco and the smoothness. I mean, Trail Blazer is so smooth and satisfying. Here's a couple of verified reviews:

Roy Hand

The best tobacco flavor I have found. I liked it so much I ordered 2 big bottles. Cream of the crop! Give this smooth juice a try and you will go back for more, too.


Dusty Tanco

I love tobacco vapes and this one is everything I hoped it'd be. . This is fantastic third flavor I've vaped from freeman and probably now my number one favorite followed by 1885 which is also nice.. excellent trailblazer is, all notes I can taste and on exhale I get a lovely natural peanut butter flavor man this is awesome stuff. 

Take A Look At Trailblazer Here



Icebound Best Rated Menthol E-Juice

Freeman Icebound vape juice is incredibly popular. This menthol juice has a twist. The watermelon and berry flavors show up on the exhale after a menthol, minty inhale. They work in perfect harmony. We have confirmation!

Shannon Hedel

I love this flavor! A very strong berry/Watermelon flavor followed by the best tingle that stays long after the vape is gone. Super refreshing. Icebound is definitely an all day vape! Will order again!


Marcus G

Great balance of berries and menthol. This is my new adv. Super smooth on the inhale and exhale with a great berry flavor and a cool and refreshing menthol. The perfect blend in my opinion. Great job!!



Usually with menthol juices I end up having to either dilute with another juice or add more menthol concentrate, but with this tasty and refreshing juice there was no need. This perfectly balanced juice is already in my top three. I can see myself vaping this for years already.

Check Out Icebound Right Here


Top Vape Juice

That is the full evaluation of the top vape juice based on sales and reviews. Just recently, some new candidates for top vape juice have emerged. Specifically, Cherry Express and Ruth’s Loot. We have been working on some new vape flavors since the beginning of the year. Cherry Express is a cherry pie juice with two cool and creamy scoops of ice cream. Fantastic!

Ruth’s Loot vape juice is named after the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie. And indeed it captures the flavor of an oven fresh chocolate chip cookie. I am talking about that key time right after they come out of the oven. That time when the chocolate is melt in your mouth and the cookie is so good. It is a must try!

At Freeman Vape Juice, we are always running special deals and offers. Take a look at our collection! Feel free to leave a review after you try our juice. We listen to all of our customers as we want to always improve. We want to always earn your business by making the top vape juices at the best prices.



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